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WhatsApp update! Now keep your chats organised


Published on: March 2, 2017 | Updated on: March 2, 2017

Facebook-owned WhatsApp has been bringing about a lot of changes to it’s chatting platform in the recent past. After integrating it’s revamped ‘Status’ feature into the app, the company now plans on adding another feature that will apparently allow WhatsApp users to keep their chat-data such as photos, GIFs, messages and videos organised.

WhatsApp is reportedly planning on adding a new ‘Size’ tab to it’s Windows app for beta users that will tell users which chat is eating up most space and which chat takes up the least amount of storage.

The app’s changelog reads, "Clicking on individual chats now gives you more detailed information. The Size tab contains the same data in a different order since the size is sorted by the size of Images and Text but not by the number."

Users will also know how many messages, photos, GIFs have been exchanged with each individual. This will benefit the users to delete media-heavy chats that will thereby, create more space in the device.

However, it appears like the new update will only be available for beta users. Therefore, if you are interested in availing new features through the app, you will be required to enroll in the beta program. You can do that on WhatsApp’s official website.

WhatsApp’s latest feature has received a mixed response from its users. While some accuse it of blatantly copying another social-networking app Snapchat or Snap Inc., others feel that it’s a fun addition in the photo-exchanging app.