High Switching intentions: Google pixel struggles with customer loyalty

Update: 2024-05-29 07:17 GMT
Google pixel struggles with customer loyalty (Photo: X)

Hyderabad: Google is struggling to build a strong loyal fan-base to its pixel series, despite their consistent efforts with introducing artificial intelligence and other features.

After launching the pixel smartphones back in 2016, the tech giant Google had reportedly shipped over 40 million pixel phones in 2023.
Despite its growth in the recent past, pixel users given the chance are very likely to shift to another smartphone brand.
In a recent survey conducted by Statista, 57 percent of Pixel users in the US have said to switch their smartphone brand at the next opportunity.
While only 34 percent of users of both Apple and Samsung are keen to switch to another brand.
According to the survey, 50 percent of Apple users want to stick to the brand while only 25 percent pixel users are interested in continuing their relation with the smartphone brand. 44 percent of Samsung users are happy with the galaxy models.
Many pixel users are dissatisfied with the frequent bugs, slow processor and other reasons while others are awestruck by the camera functionality, smooth and clutter free software.

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