Some gham for K-Jo

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The filmmaker is going through saade saathi, a testing phase for any person.

Karan Johar

Filmmaker Karan Johar or K-Jo is one of Bollywood's most influential personalities. Donning the hats of a director, producer, actor, screenwriter, he has established himself as one of the most sought-after filmmakers in Bollywood.  
While K-Jo's Dharma Productions has announced a slew of projects for the coming months, let’s see what the stars have in store for him.


It will be a tough time for Karan Johar till January 2017, specifically because Saturn will be transiting through Scorpio till 26 January, 2017. He will have to be very careful while planning the budget of his movies. He will have to be very selective about the subjects also.

He is going through the last phase of Saade Saati - the seven-and-half-year period of Saturn, which is considered to be a testing phase for any person. In this phase, he will be compelled to adopt a more pragmatic approach and due to the lessons learnt in this phase, he may himself not prefer to take too many risks.

It is to be noted that K Jo's natal Sun and Saturn are also currently being aspected by the transiting Saturn. This means that all may not be too rosy at Dharma Productions, and there might be some problems in decision-making and overall management. There will be delays in some projects, a few hassles in production and misunderstandings with production-distribution partners. Karan will thus have to be careful in his dealings at least till August 2016.

Post 11 August, 2016 Karan will start coming up with new and good ideas. His films produced or released after the date will do well at the box office and we will see Karan in his usual element. He is likely to gain momentum and make wise decisions.

Moreover, post 26 January, 2017, with increased clarity of thought, he will be able to get things moving at a faster pace, and projects that might have been facing delays will progress at quick pace.

Despite some issues, Karan's popularity as a producer and director may not reduce drastically, but he will have to work hard in order to remain in the mainstream.

Karan will have to avoid giving controversial statements till August 2017 as this may dent his public image.