Rio 2016: Saina Nehwal and Abhinav Bindra hold much promise for India

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Here’s a peek at what the future might hold for the country’s best hopes of an Olympic medal

Saina Nehwal

The planets are helping Saina

India has high hopes from ace shuttler Saina Nehwal, who won a Bronze medal in the last Olympics. Saina has many feathers in her cap and one of them is that she is the first Indian woman to become the World Number One badminton player. She has also won the World Junior Badminton Championships and the Indonesia Open in 2009. Ganesha feels confident that she will win a medal in Rio, but she may, unfortunately, fall short of the gold. However, the Planets will completely support Saina Nehwal in her quest to win a medal at the upcoming Games, says Ganesha.

Saina to rise high

Saina has Saturn Atmakaraka and Vargottama in her chart. It is placed with Jupiter in the Karakamsa, and forms an extraordinary Rajayoga. Due to such a strong planetary configuration, she has a great deal of endurance, latent power and energy. Her physical strength and mental endurance are indeed noteworthy.
Mars is exalted in her chart. The powerful Mars is always a boon for any sportsperson. It makes Saina aggressive, determined and denotes the capacity to conquer her rivals. Also, a strong Capricorn influence makes her resourceful, determined, methodical, tough, stubborn and persistent.

Another noticeable feature in her chart is the exchange between Mercury and Jupiter. It indicates that she plans her game carefully without meanness and is able to achieve great results. The transiting Jupiter is also aspecting the Atmakaraka Saturn in her chart. Saturn is one of the driving forces in her chart.

The transiting Jupiter will help her significantly from August 12, 2016 — she is likely to regain her rhythm. As she is passing through the mid-phase of Saturn’s sade sati, she may face stiff resistance and it will be difficult to get desired success. However, she will battle it out on the badminton court against the world’s best players and there are indications that she will be able to win a medal for India, although chances of winning gold are not strong enough.

A determined campaign

Abhinav Singh Bindra is another strong medal prospect for India in the upcoming Rio Olympics. The Beijing Olympics (2008) Gold medalist shooter has also won the Gold medal in the ISSF World Shooting Championship in 2006, and another Gold in the 2014 Common-wealth Games. Apart from being a medal prospect, Bindra has been appointed Goodwill Ambassador for Rio 2016 Olympic Games Indian Contingent. After having analysed his horoscope, Ganesha notes there is a chance that he may land up a Bronze.

Abhinav Singh Bindra

A bronze hopeful

Abhinav has an exalted Mercury placed with debilitated Venus forming Neechabhanga Rajayoga which means that he is blessed with fame. He is a textbook case of the focused, sometimes obsessive individual. Mars, the planet of attack, becomes strong by being in its own sign. It makes him persistent and aggressive. Saturn is Atmakaraka which becomes powerful by being Vargottama. So, he is a very disciplined, hard-working and determined individual.

During the Rio Olympics, the transiting Mars will be moving over the natal Mars. It will make him capable enough to handle adverse situations. He will be determined and aggressive to clinch a medal. But, Jupiter will be passing through the 12th House from Natal Sun and and through the 8th House from Natal Moon.
However, the transiting Saturn in retrograde motion may cause few problems, that could lead to a shift of focus, thereby hindering his progress. So Bindra is likely to miss the target and chances of winning a medal for India remain sort of weak. But there is a slim possibility that he may end up with a Bronze during the Games.