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Sunitha shares how the spark of being a globe-trotter was first lit.

The sacred hymns

She may have travelled across the globe, but capturing the universality of raw human emotion is what makes the work of photographer and social media influencer Sunitha Vardhan both scintillating and satisfying.

Bengaluru-based photographer Sunitha Vardhan is an entrepreneur who loves to travel. With her keen interest in people, portraits and culture, Sunitha has compiled a collection that speaks volumes of her love for the art. Sunitha is a recipient of the Social Media Influencer award in the Photography category conferred by the Global Triumph Foundation 2019. She has over 19,000 followers on her Instagram handle. Quite impressive for a self-taught photographer who has only attended basic workshops and has managed to master the skill purely on a trial-and-error basis.

Thousand shades of colourThe song of the dawn

Sunitha shares how the spark of being a globe-trotter was first lit. She says, “Coming from a conservative family, I initially travelled only to where my relatives lived. Travelling for pleasure was never an option. But when I travelled to the US to pursue my higher education and start a career over 15 years ago, I discovered my passion for travelling.” She adds, “I eventually explored 23 countries and I realised I am a people person. This was when I decided to capture the emotions of people and the culture that impacts these intriguing humans.”

The camel rearerMonks and MonasteriesThe unexpected

Speaking about the three aspects in her photographs that excite her the most she says, “Firstly, emotions always catch my attention, irrespective of their form. Secondly, capturing the light. As a street photographer, the golden hours  are magical. The other aspect that attracts me is geometric patterns. Just the alignments get me excited.”

The Lady In RedThe joy of simplicity

A few words of wisdom for aspiring photographers from her, “You must realise that every picture you click reflects your personality as well. It’s not only about the aesthetics but about the soul. Learn the rules to break them. The skill is exciting when you know where you stand. It is also essential to discover your own style. You can follow senior photographers but ultimately when it comes to your work, it has to be unique.”