65th Senior National Kabaddi Championship: Close wins for AP men, UP women

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After a tense duel, Karnataka clinched the issue with a one-point margin at 20-19.

Andhra Pradesh players pin down their rival from Chhattisgarh on way to a 44-43 victory.

Hyderabad: Excitement aplenty and action unlimited was in store at the 65th Senior National Kabaddi Championship being held at the GMC Balayogi Indoor Stadium in Gachibowli, Hyderabad, as some of the matches went down wire and were decided by wafer-thin margins on Tuesday.

In the women’s section, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal were involved in a keen tussle and traded points in a tight match before the former sealed the deal at 27-26.

The match between Karnataka and Chhattisgarh too went on similar lines as the women were not willing to give an inch to their opponents in a see-saw battle. After a tense duel, Karnataka clinched the issue with a one-point margin at 20-19.

In another match, the Telangana women defeated Assam 44-40. The men’s section too witnessed some close fights with the Andhra Pradesh team getting past Chattisgarh 44-43 while Bihar and Rajasthan defeated Chandigarh and Jharkhand respectively with identical 45-43 scores.

The Results
Women’s: Telangana bt Assam 44-40, Haryana bt Pondicherry 65-10, Uttar Pradesh bt West Bengal 27-26, Kerala bt Punjab 17-13, Karnataka bt Chandigarh 20-19, Himachal Pradesh bt Delhi 39-21, Gujarat bt Uttarakhand 35-11, Madhya Pradesh bt Jharkhand 54-27.
Men’s: Andhra Pradesh bt Chhattisgarh 44-43, Maharashtra bt Gujarat 68-20, Railways bt Andhra Pradesh 45-15, Uttarakhand bt Punjab 51-23, Rajasthan bt Jharkhand 45-43, Himachal Pradesh bt BSNL 44-18, Bihar bt Tamil Nadu 39-27, Odisha bt Assam 49-39, Gujarat bt Pondicherry 44-37, Punjab bt Tripura 6-15, Bihar bt Chandigarh 45-43, BSNL bt Manipur 41-34.
Earlier rounds — men: Karnataka bt Vidharba 75-09, Kerala bt Odisha 49-35, Gujarat bt Jammu & Kashmr 48-26, Andhra Pradesh bt West Bengal 50-18, Madhya Pradesh drew with Punjab 36-36, Delhi bt Jharkand 55-32, Uttar Pradesh bt BSNL 48-17, Telangana drew with Bihar 32-32, Rajasthan bt Delhi 42-38, Madhya Pradesh bt Tripura 56-17, Uttar Pradesh bt Manipur 38-17, Telangana bt Chandigarh 46-19, Haryana bt Kerala 42-22.
Earlier rounds — women: Tamil Nadu bt Manipur 45-28, Chhattisgarh bt Podicherry 61-12, Bihar bt Jammu & Kashmir 53-17, West Bengal bt Telangana State 42-27, Kerala bt Madhya Pradesh 31-19, Karnataka bt Vidarbha 42-18, Maharashtra bt Gujarat 77-19, Uttar Pradesh bt Assam 57-17, Punjab bt Jharkhand 64-34, Himachal Pradesh bt Rajasthan 38-32, Bihar bt Andhra Pradesh 31-15.