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Australia defeat India to win WTC 2023 title


Published on: June 7, 2023 | Updated on: June 11, 2023

Nathan Lyon, Pat Cummins, Marnus Labuschagne and Travis Head celebrate the fall of an Indian wicket on Sunday.

Welcome to the live commentary of the World Test Championship (2023) final.

India will take heart from a podium finish. Coming runner-up is a decent end to the cycle. The absence of Rishabh Pant and Jasprit Bumrah hurt India in the final.

India 2nd Innings (Target: 444 runs)
Rohit Sharma (c)  lbw b Lyon    43    60
Shubman Gill  c Green b Boland    18    19
Cheteshwar Pujara  c Carey b Cummins    27    47
Virat Kohli  c Smith b Boland    49    78
Ajinkya Rahane  c Carey b Starc    46    108
Ravindra Jadeja  c Carey b Boland    0    2
Srikar Bharat  c & b Lyon    23    41
Shardul Thakur  lbw b Lyon    0    5
Umesh Yadav  c Carey b Starc    1    12
Mohammed Shami  not out    13    8
Mohammed Siraj  c Boland b Lyon    1    6
Extras    13    
TOTAL 234/10
Over 63.3
Fall of wickets: 1-41 (Shubman Gill, 7.1 ov), 2-92 (Rohit Sharma, 19.5 ov), 3-93 (Cheteshwar Pujara, 20.4 ov), 4-179 (Virat Kohli, 46.3 ov), 5-179 (Ravindra Jadeja, 46.5 ov), 6-212 (Ajinkya Rahane, 56.2 ov), 7-213 (Shardul Thakur, 57.4 ov), 8-220 (Umesh Yadav, 60.2 ov), 9-224 (Srikar Bharat, 61.5 ov), 10-234 (Mohammed Siraj, 63.3 ov)
Pat Cummins    13 Over    55 Runs    1 Wicket
Scott Boland    16 Over    46 Runs    3 Wicket
Mitchell Starc    14 Over    77 Runs    2 Wicket
Cameron Green    5 Over    13 Runs    0 Wicket
Nathan Lyon    15.3 Over    41 Runs    4 Wicket



IND 234/10
Over 64

Over 64 Siraj’s reverse sweep gone wrong. Australia winners of the World Test Championship!

WICKET! Siraj caught of Lyon at point.

IND 234/9
Over 63

Over 63  Shami smacks Starc for two fours. Then a caught behind review. Not out. Not much to write. The Aussies are moments from lifting the trophy. One more wicket to take on paper, but how long will that take anyway? The Aussies have played like champions. They deserve this title.

IND 224/9
Over 62

Over 62 This was waiting to happen. Indians dejected. Lyon getting good results on this pitch.

WICKET! Bharat skies Lyon to nowhere. Bowled Lyon, Caught Lyon.

IND 224/8
Over 61

Over 61 Hostile stuff from Starc. Pace was upwards of 140 kmph.

OUT! Starc gets Umesh Yadav caught keeper

Brute of a bouncer, nice grab from Carey!

IND 220/7
Over 60

Over 60 Lyon giving nothing away. Tight lines and this pitch is tough to bat on. Just two runs from this over.

IND 218/7
Over 59

Over 59 Starc to Umesh on this track is a totally one-sided battle. Nothing to say. Umesh looking like a tailender; incorrect batting posture. This game could get over sooner than we think.

IND 213/6
Over 58

Over 58 Dangerous from Lyon. Spinning it both ways.

Lyon from round the wicket, pitches on off and spins it back in. Shardul defends the wrong line.

IND 212/6
Over 57

Over 57 The pace is up from Starc. What an athelete. Clearly most carry from him, a bit of shape and swing from him. What a ball to Rahane!


Caught behind. Starc shapes it away a touch and a feather to the keeper.

IND 212/5
Over 56

Over 56 Lyon into the attack. Bowls from round the wicket. Angles short and wide of off, Rahane cuts him for four.

IND 206/5
Over 55

Over 55 Half-volley from Starc plundered straight down for a four by Rahane.

IND 202/5
Over 54

Over 54 Only one from this Green over. No let up from the Aussie quick. Very tight on the stumps.

IND 201/5
Over 53

Over 53 Over-pitched and Rahane punishes Starc. What a delicious straight drive.

IND 190/5
Over 52

Over 52 Green bowling with heart. Pounding away at the length. Bharat hit him for four on a pitched up delivery.

IND 190/5
Over 51

Over 51 Starc in now. Three from the over. The first bowler on show to get true carry on this fifth day pitch.

IND 187/5
Over 50

Over 50 Nice steady lengths and accurate on off. Only one from this over.

Cameron Green into the attack.

IND 186/5
Over 49

Over 49 Excellent over from Boland. Hits Rahane on the pads couple of times. The early wickets, mountain of runs to chase and the quality of the bowling has rattled the Indians. None of the deliveries this over could be middled by the batters.

IND 184/3
Over 48

Over 48 Well directed bouncer shakes up Bharat! Concussion test on the field. Indians looking inept against the Aussie quicks, must be said. Or perhaps the Aussies are just too good.

IND 183/4
Over 47

Over 47 Two wickets in one over. Excellen line and length stuff from Boland. He continues from over the wicket. Bowls with more spirit this over. Earlier in the over, Australia had also taken a DRS for a caught behind appeal of Virat. That time it was not out but Virat wasn't as lucky on the third ball. In fact the last ball was also an edge. This time Bharat was guilty.


Jadeja  makes an uncertain probe outside off and edges to keeper.

Virat unnecessarily chases one delivery way outside off. Gives a diving catch to Smith. Gleefully accepted.

IND 179/3
Over 46

Over 46 Excellent off-cutter from Pat Cummins on the third ball. Hits Rahane on the pads, but it would have flown over the stumps. He is also shaping the ball more than Boland. Clearly, Cummins will be Australia’s main man with the ball.

IND 176/3
Over 45

Over 45 Boland again accurate outside off. But no real assistance for him in this pitch. The Indians have used the light roller today morning. Might have been the right call. Only one from this over.

IND 175/3
Over 44

Over 44 Cummins generating some heat. Bouncer gets Rahane in an awful tangle. Top-edges it for four to fine-leg.

IND 169/3
Over 43

Over 43 Boland swings one in, along with the over the wicket angle. Beats Virat, strikes him on the pads. LOUD APPEAL! Seems unnecessary though, clearly going down leg.

Over 42

Over 42 Bowls the heavy ball on length. Decent speed too. Batters happy to defend.

Cummins with the ball.

IND 165/3
Over 41

Over 41 Nice steady controlled bowling on off from Boland.

Scott Boland with the ball. Rahane on strike.

Virat Kohli and Ajinkya Rahane are India’s overnight not out batters.

Welcome to the last and final day of this test match!

India have to score another 280 runs to win with 7 wickets in hand.

Rohit Sharma (c)  lbw b Lyon    43 runs    60 balls
Shubman Gill  c Green b Boland    18 runs    19 balls
Cheteshwar Pujara  c Carey b Cummins    27 runs    47 balls
Virat Kohli  not out    44 runs    60 balls
Ajinkya Rahane  not out    20 runs    59 balls
Extras    12
TOTAL    164/3
Overs 40
Yet to bat: Ravindra Jadeja Srikar Bharat (w), Shardul Thakur, Umesh Yadav, Mohammed Shami, Mohammed Siraj
Fall of wickets: 1-41 (Shubman Gill, 7.1 ov), 2-92 (Rohit Sharma, 19.5 ov), 3-93 (Cheteshwar Pujara, 20.4 ov)

Pat Cummins    9 overs    42 runs 1 wicket
Scott Boland    11 overs    38 runs 1 wicket
Mitchell Starc     7 overs    45 runs 0 wicket
Cameron Green    2 overs    6 runs 0 wicket
Nathan Lyon    11 overs    32 runs 1 wicket


IND 158/3
Over 40

Over 40 Kohli hits the first ball for four, glancing it delicately past fine leg. Lyon gets the fourth ball to jump significantly.

IND 160/3
Over 39

Over 39 Cummins looking for reverse swing. Hides the shiny side with his other hand. No reverse on display though.

IND 158/3
Over 38

Over 38 Lyon now from over the wicket. Immediately creates trouble for Rahane. One loud LBW shout and one ball goes past Rahane’s flaying bat.

IND 158/3
Over 37

Over 37 Discipline issue! Bouncer over Carey’s head for four, also adjudged wide. Cummins bowls another one down the legs. Follows that up with a front foot no-ball. Eight-ball over.

Drinks. Indian batters look tired after nearly three days of fielding.

IND 151/3
Over 36

Over 36 Lyon tosses up offies from round the wicket, bowling with a slip, leg slip and a short square leg. Rahane vigilant.

IND 146/3
Over 35

Over 35 Exquisite from Kohli. Starc pitches up on the stumps from round the wicket, Kohli flicks it for four to the midwicket boundary. Follows that up with a straight drive for four. Again pitched up from Starc.

IND 142/3
Over 34

Over 34 Tossed up delivery from Lyon is driven past cover by Rahane. Bisects the field perfectly. Six runs from this over.

IND 136/3
Over 33

Over 33 Starc in. He is bowling at 140+kmph. Holds the length and the line on off stump. He misses his line on the fifth ball, ending up on Kohli’s hips. Delicately flicked away for a four.

IND 132/3
Over 32

Over 32 Lyon continues to attack the right-handed batters stumps from round the wicket. Difficult for batters to even think of hitting out considering the pitch is taking turn. Two from it.

IND 130/3
Over 31

Over 31 Six of this Boland over. Rahane guides the second ball that was a little short for four past the gully fielder.

IND 124/3
Over 30

Over 30 Lyon gets the ball to spin and dip. Only one from the over.

IND 123/3
Over 29

Over 29 Length from Boland on the corridor. Very little movement but there is variable bounce. Three runs from this over.

IND 120/3
Over 28

Over 28 While Lyon is bowling a challenging middle stump line with some off-spinners turning and others remaining straight. Rahane has been resolute in defence. Even sweeping for a boundary.

IND 116/3
Over 27

Over 27 Kohli four of Boland, other than that a good over from the Aussie quick. Beat Kohli on two occasions as well.

IND 112/3
Over 26

Over 26 Lyon honing in on the middle stump line from round the wicket. Effective stuff on this fourth day track. Batters circumspect. Only two runs from this over.

IND 110/3
Over 25

Over 25 Boland into the attack. Keeps his disciple in length and line. Rahane gives it respect. One from the over.

IND 109/3
Over 24

Over 24 Eight from this Lyon over. Kohli ends it with a shimmy forward to spank the ball to the long on boundary.

IND 101/3
Over 23

Over 23 Virat gets his timing from ball one. Hits a four that was on the pads from Cummins.

IND 96/3
Over 22

Over 22 Kohli circumspect againt Lyon. Three from it.

Virat Kohli and Ajinkya Rahane are the two new batters for India.

IND 93/3
Over 21

Over 21 One wicket brings another. Unexpected shot from Pujara. A lapse of focus for a second can be costly when at the wrong time.

Pujara tries a upper cut over the keeper to a bouncer, instead gives a catch to Carey.

WICKET! Cheteshwar Pujara edges to keeper of Cummins

IND 92/1
Over 20

Over 20 Lyon into the attack. He is bowling with a short-leg from round the wicket. Rohit might have premeditated that shot when he was LBW. Lovely innings, cut short.

Tries to sweep fine to square leg, misses the ball.

WICKET! Rohit LBW Lyon!

IND 91/1
Over 19

Over 19 Cummins trying hard to swing the ball. Some deliveries shape in off the hand but there is no assistance off the pitch. The sun is out and that is not helping the bowlers.

IND 88/1
Over 18

Over 18 Controlled hook for four from Rohit of the third ball. Green sticks to channel bowling after that.

IND 84/1
Over 17

Over 17 Now six runs from this Cummins over, includes a stylish clip for four to midwicket from Pujara. It is of note that the Indians are speeding along at a blistering run-rate. To put that in perspective, if this run-rate goes on for another 76 overs, the Indians can win the WTC title.

IND 78/1
Over 16

Over 16 Cameron Green into the attack. Disciplined stuff from the bowler. Attacks the stumps and maintains the hard length.

IND 74/1
Over 15

Over 15 Another six runs from Starc's over, including a four from Pujara past mid-off.

IND 70
Over 14

Over 14 Elegant four from Rohit of the second ball. Stands tall and punches through sweeper cover. Boland gets steep bounce from good length. Batting master from Mumbai looking good.

IND 66/1
Over 13

Over 13 One run from the Starc over. Bowls with control this over. The short delivery was directed at the helmet, the inswinger finished on middle-off and the away going deliveries were of the right length.

IND 65/1
Over 12

Over 12 Maiden. Exhibition of accurate bowling from Boland. He is one of the bowling finds of the last two years.

IND 65/1
Over 11

Over 11 Starc leaking runs. A bit wayward. Concedes six this over. He may have been planning to hit the body and also ball outside off in the same over, but he hasn’t done either accurately.

IND: 59/1
Over 10

Over 10 Luck! Pujara gets away after chopping on a Boland delivery from outside off. The ball rolls past the stumps for four. Good corridor bowling from Boland.

IND 53/1
Over 9

Over 9 The live blogger here would like to praise Rohit Sharma’s classic boundary strokes this over without bringing bad luck to him. The pull shot was to a delivery that didn’t climb much above hip high and that was followed up with a lovely square drive. Superb from Rohit!

IND 45/1
Over 8

Over 8 Boland’s over completes with a Pujara-four of the last ball. Rare width from Boland gets hit through point.

Cheteshwar Pujara joins Rohit Sharma as the new batsman.

Welcome back to the last session of this test match. Boland will complete his over following Gill’s dismissal last session.

Over 7.1 The wicket goes in Boland’s name but credit must also go to Green who has taken a stunner, leaping sideways to his weaker left side. The Aussie all-rounder is 6ft 6 in. tall and has real massive palms. He makes good use of them for this catch.

WICKET! Gill edges to slipper Cameron Green of Boland.

IND 40
Over 7
Over 7
SIX! Rohit does as only Rohit can do! A treat for sore Indian eyes! Starc short at about 140kmph is hit hard into the stands near square leg and fine leg. Starc also bowls a no-ball in this first over.

Starc into the attack

IND 28/0
Over 6

Over 6 Gill edges to slip on the second ball. It was just a tad bit short from Smith. Rest of the over Gill is better against metronomic Boland. Four runs from it.

IND 24/0
Over 5
Over 5
  Tight over from Cummins. Definite attempt to keep outside off, especially after the hammering last over.

IND 23/0
Over 4

Over 4 Nice and confident batting from Rohit. On the second ball, he has a trigger movement forward and flicks a seam up delivery outside off to the midwicket boundary. Rest of the balls left alone/defended carefully.

IND 19/0
Over 3
Over 3
Three boundaries from this Cummins over. First, Rohit drives a pitched up delivery on the pads. Second, Gill punches through the covers. Third is a streaky edge from Gill behind point. Good intent from the Indians. No point in letting the Aussies settle down into their rhythm.

IND 6/0
Over 2

Over 2 Scott Boland to share the new ball. Generating high speeds near and around the 140 kmph mark. Good lines and lengths outside off from the first ball from Boland.

IND 4/0 
Over 1

Over 1 Good first ball from Cummins, on a length, cramps Rohit for room. Second ball is pulled away masterfully for four. It was a tad short on the hips.



AUS: 270/7
Over 84.3

Over 85 WICKET! Cummins tries to loft a Shami delivery, instead skies it to point.

AUS: 269/7
Over 84

Over 84 Nine runs from this over. Australia throwing their bat at everything. Looking for quick runs. Declaration on the card?

AUS: 260/7
Over 83

Over 83 Starc had pumped to boundaries before getting out. A little too attacking or is this the need of the hour?

Gone after a feisty 41. Fullish delivery angling away from the round the wicket get the edge of Starc, who wanted to slog it towards mid-on.

AUS: 252/6
Over 82

Over 82 Five wides, indiscipline stuff from Siraj. This is among many ‘five wides’ he has bowled. Ten runs from the over.

AUS 242/6
Over 81

Over 81 Streaky edge played on close to the stumps goes for a four. Shami is unlucky. Poor judgement of line by Carey. These runs hurting India.

AUS: 236/6
Over 80

Over 80 Another costly over. Umesh goes for seven runs. Aggressive drive past the mid-on fielder from Starc goes for four.

AUS 229/6
Over 79

Over 79 Edge goes for four! Jadeja tosses it up outside off, it falls short of the slipper, running away to the fence.

AUS 224/6
Over 78

Over 78 Only one run from this Umesh over. Keeping it tight.

AUS 223/6
Over 77

Over 77 Jadeja keeping it tight outside off. Carey brings up his FIFTY!

AUS 222/6
Over 76

Over 76 Eight runs from this over. Runs bleeding away for India. Umesh not extracting much bounce from the surface. The boundary deliveries were over pitched.

AUS 214/6
Over 75

Over 75 Jadeja getting good turn from outside off. Both left-handed batters happy to play defensive cricket. Only two runs from it.

AUS 212/6
Over 74

Over 74 Steady bowling outside off from Umesh. Keeping it tight. Carey happy to push to cover, only one single from the over.

AUS 211/6
Over 73

Over 73 Jadeja using the rough to keep the batter's on a leash. Only one from it. Based on the rough created by the bowler's footmarks, it will be a difficult chase for India.

AUS 210/6
Over 72

Over 72. Another boundary this over. Five from it. Now Australia leads by 383 runs.

AUS 205/6
Over 71

Over 71 Jadeja starts for India. An otherwise good over gets ruined by a slightly pitched up delivery that gets hit for four to the long off boundary.

The players are back from LUNCH


AUS 201/6
Over 70

Over 70 Disciplined over from Jadeja. Only one run from it.

AUS 200/6
Over 69

Over 69. Lose wide, full ball thrashed to the sweeper cover boundary by Carey. Five runs from it.

AUS 195/6
Over 68

Over 68 Shardul not getting any movement or odd bounce from the pitch. The channel stuff is not enough for a wicket.

AUS 191/6
Over 67

Over 67 With the turn that Jadeja is getting a lot is happening - byes, LBW shouts, catch appeals. But the all-important wicket didn't fall.

AUS 185/6
Over 66

Over 66 Shardul into the attack. Stays on the channel outside off.

AUS 181/6
Over 65

Over 65 Quick over from Jadeja. Bowls nice and full. Looking to turn it into the lefties from outside off, where the cracks are.

AUS 177/6
Over 64

Over 64. Carey on the charge. Hits two fours and a double. The cut four was a treat of geometric batting pose.

Mitchell Starc is the new batter.

AUS 167/6
Over 63

Over 63. Jadeja bowling the run-saving channel from round the wicket on the leg stump this over. The wicket ball pitches on middle-leg. Green thinks it is going to spin away outside off but it doesn't. The ball hits Green's immobile hand, as if he is leaving the ball, but the duke ball rolls onto the stumps. OUT!

WICKET! Jadeja bowled Green.

AUS 166/5
Over 62

Over 62 Siraj on length to start the over. The third ball was a brutal bouncer. Smacked Green on the hand. Unfortunate the ball went for four over Bharat's head.

AUS 161/5
Over 61

Over 61 Another good over from Jadeja. Beats the bat twice.

AUS 160/5
Over 60

Over 60 Brute of a bouncer pings Green on the hand. Siraj hurting the batsmen more than challenging to take their wicket. Gets variable bounce.

AUS 159/5
Over 59

Over 59 Quick over from Jadeja. Three from it.

AUS 156/5
Over 58

Over 58 Five from this Siraj over. Concedes five byes down the leg side.

AUS 151/5
Over 57

Over 57 Three runs from this Jadeja over. Misses length twice - guilty of balling a little full.

AUS 148/5
Over 56

Over 56 All six balls from Siraj are length balls. Concedes one run. Aussies happy to be patient.

AUS 147/5
Over 55

Over 55 Quicke over from Jadeja. One outside edge to keeper shout. NOT OUT. Jadeja on the money through out. MAIDEN.

AUS 147/5
Over 54

Over 54 Siraj into the attack. One poor half-volley outside off crash through covers by Carey. That four ruined an otherwise good over from Siraj.

AUS 143/5
Over 53

Over 53 Nice tight over from Jadeja. Looking much more effective on this fourth day pitch. Also he is using the footmarks well.

AUS 142/5
Over 52

Over 52  Shami strays on the pads and Green dispatches him to the fence.
AUS 138/5
Over 51

Over 51 Umesh continues with the channel line. Aussies happy to defend out. Yadav's pace has dropped to early 130s kmph.

AUS 135/5
Over 50

Over 50 Shami gets an edge but Green is lucky. The ball runs away to the fence for four.

AUS 130/5
Over 49

Over 49 Umesh hold discipline on off but anyway concedes two runs.

AUS 128/5
Over 48

Over 48 Testing over from Shami to Green. Gets an edge too. Maiden

AUS 128/5
Over 47

Over 47 Big break through for India. Marnus beaten by a beauty. Also Carey hits his first ball for four.

Alex Carey is the new batter in.

Patience outside off pays off for Umesh. Gets on to swing away and Labuschagne is out!

AUS 124/4
Over 46

Over 46 Mohammed Shami from the other end, operates with two slips. Keeps it tight on and around off stump. Beats the bat. Maiden over.

AUS 124/4
Over 45

Over 45 Military medium from Umesh. Keeps it on the channel outside off. Gets one ball to jag back into Labuschagne sharply. Must be one of the divots on the pitch.

Umesh Yadav start with the ball for India. Cameron Green and Marnus Labuschagne are batters out in the middle for Australia.

Welcome back to the live commentary at the start of Day 4.


Australia 2nd Innings

Usman Khawaja  c Bharat b Yadav    13 runs    39 balls
David Warner  c Bharat b Mohammed Siraj    1 runs    8 balls
Marnus Labuschagne  not out    41 runs    118 balls
Steven Smith  c Thakur b Jadeja    34 runs    47 balls
Travis Head  c & b Jadeja    18 runs    27 balls
Cameron Green  not out    7 runs    27 balls
Extras    9    
TOTAL    123/4
Overs     44
Yet to bat: Alex Carey (w), Mitchell Starc, Pat Cummins (c), Nathan Lyon, Scott Boland
Fall of wickets: 1-2 (David Warner, 3.3 ov), 2-24 (Usman Khawaja, 14.1 ov), 3-86 (Steven Smith, 30.1 ov), 4-111 (Travis Head, 36.3 ov)

Mohammed Shami    10 overs    17 runs    O wicket
Mohammed Siraj    12 overs    41 runs    1 wicket
Shardul Thakur    6 overs    13 runs    0 wicket
Umesh Yadav    7 overs    21 runs    1 wickets
Ravindra Jadeja    9 overs    25 runs    2 wickets


AUS 122/4
Over 44.

Over 44 Jaffa from Shami on the second ball. The ball swung in sharply about eight inches from the point of pitching. Most of the deliveries were on the three-quarter length. One was even chopped on very close to the stumps.

AUS 121/4
Over 43

Over 43 Umesh Yadav is putting in the effort but his accuracy can surely improve. The pace has also dropped. One run from this over.

AUS 120/4
Over 42

Over 42 Shami steams in. Maiden. Good over. The line is good. A testing short delivery as well. Green happy to play out the session.

AUS: 120/4
Over 41

Over 41 Umesh into the attack. Gets milked for four runs. No sharp movement or pace. Aussies comfortable.

IND 116/4
Over 40

Over 40 Shami probes outside Green's off stump. The all-rounder is not bothered content in leaving. Australia looking to close out the day. Second maiden on the trot.

IND 116/4
Over 39

Over 39 Jadeja bowls another quick over. Labuschagne happy to defend it out. Maiden.

IND 116/4
Over 38

Over 38. Siraj, in his 12th over, has lost pace. Bowling in the 130s kmph. Sticks to the channel. Gets hit for a cover drive four on the fifth ball.

Cameron Green is the new batter.

AUS 112/3
Over 37

Over 37 Seven from this Jadeja over. Head had slog swept the first ball for six!

Bowled on the footmarks outside off. Head looks to drive it, instead lobs it back to the bowler


AUS 105/3
Over 36

Over 36 Siraj is back to attacking the batter's body. Mixes it up with some length stuff. One run from the over.

AUS 104/3
Over 35

Over 35 Long dialogue between Rohit and Jadeja before the over starts. Jadeja manages to build some pressure with outside off stump bowling. Now the ball is TURNING and turning a lot. Scary signs for India, the team that will bat last on this deteriorating pitch.

AUS 103/3
Over 34

Over 34 Siraj bowling with speed in his tenth over now. Firing in some short stuff too. Head chancing his luck. One bouncer is hooked away just inches from the deep fielder’s leaping grasp. One bouncer goes over Bharat’s head for four byes. Despondent Indian faces in the crowd.

AUS 90/3
Over 33

Over 33 Finally some real turn from Jadeja. The fourth ball spun into Head’s defensive position. Maiden over.

AUS 90/3
Over 32

Over 32 Siraj into the attack. This is his ninth over of the innings. Three runs from the over.

Travis head is the new batter.

AUS 87/3
Over 31

Over 31. Decent follow-up to the wicket of Smith by Jadeja. Firing in darts at about 100 kmph, relying mostly on drift. Only one from this over.

Smith charges down the track. Based on the bat swing and follow through, it looked like Smith wanted to hit this Jadeja ball out of the stadium. It is a mis-hit that does not clear the infield. Caught Shardul Thakur.

WICKET! Steve caught out in the infield of Jadeja!

AUS 86/2
Over 30

Over 30 Six dot balls from Shardul. He is banking on deliveries staying low as he attacks the stumps.

AUS 86/2
Over 29

Over 29 Jadeja bowls around 90+ kmph. No real turn or surprising bounce. Aussies happy to milk jadeja for singles. Three from the over.

AUS 83/2
Over 28

Over 28 Shardul sticking to his stump-to-stump line and length. Labuschagne beaten by extra bounce on the fourth ball. One from this over.

AUS 82/2
Over 27

Over 27 Another quick over from Jadeja. Gets Smith’s edge on the fourth ball, but it is just wide of Gill at slip. It runs away for four. These runs hurting India.

AUS 74/2
Over 26

Over 26 Change of tact from wily Shardul as he attacks the stumps. Gets the field a little more square, protection in front of the wicket. Shardul extracting a little variable bounce as well. Some balls staying low.

This partnership is sailing along smoothly. Already at 48.

AUS 72/2
Over 25

Over 25 Jadeja gets milked for four runs this over. No real turn. India losing (final result may change) to a side that simply plays better on this sort of pitch.

AUS 68/2
Over 24

Over 24 Loosener from Shardul on the first ball. Short at medium pace, gets stylishly pulled away by the classical talent that is Marnus Labuschagne. The rest of the deliveries do not impress much. Six from the over.

AUS 62/2
Over 23

Over 23 Jadeja from over the wicket to Smith. No turn, some flight and very little drift. The line is in accordance to the field. Smith shows patience. Only two runs from the over.

AUS 60/2
Over 22

Over 22. Anything a little off line or length is being hit. A slightly full delivery gets smacked for four by Labuschagne. Five runs from this over.

AUS 55
Over 21

Over 21 Good disciplined channel bowling from Umesh, with not wicket-reward.

AUS 51/2
Over 20

Over 20 Siraj uses the crease to change the angle. Unfortunately there is no real swing on offer. Four runs from this over.

AUS 47/2
Over 19

Over 19 Umesh bowls with discipline on off. Smith respects the channel bowling leaving a few deliveries and defends the rest. Only one single from it.

AUS 46/2
Over 18

Over 18 Siraj into the attack. Probes around off. One from it.

AUS 45/2
Over 17

Over 17 Now Umesh misses his length. Bowls short outside off and with no-kind-of-threatening pace. Smith square drives it for four. Hallmark of a quality test batter. Soak up pressure when the bowling is good and put away all bad deliveries. Smith is a prime example of that.

AUS 40/2
Over 16

Over 16 Shami starts off with a poor attempt of a short ball to Smith. Typically pulled away for a four. The last ball of the over is pitched up on the pads and is glanced for a four to the midwicket boundary by Labuschagne. Nine runs from this over.

AUS 31/2
Over 15

Over 15 Fruitful over from Umesh, though seven runs came from it. Khawaja’s important wicket has boosted Indian spirits.

Khawaja plays at one wide outside off stump, edges it to the diving keeper. Has to be mentioned, Umesh shaped the ball beautifully away from round the wicket to Khawaja.


AUS 24/1
Over 14

Over 14. Another maiden. This time from Shami. Just one run scored in this session. Test match lines and lengths. Good stuff from the Indians.

AUS 24/1
Over 13

Over 13. Umesh Yadav from the other end. Maiden over. Probes on the test match channel. Umesh’s discipline earns him the maiden.

AUS 24/1
Over 12

Over 12. Shami to Labuschagne. Seven dot balls, one no-ball. One run from the over. Good length stuff, Labuschagne circumspect.

We are back with the last session of today's play.


AUS 23/1
Over 11

Over 11. Shardul bowls with keeper near the stumps. Good length bowling. Five dot balls, one single.

AUS 22/1
Over 10

Over 10. Siraj in his fifth over looks a bit tired. The pace is down. But Siraj is getting awkward bounce from the pitch. One ball just took off sharp from the surface and smashed Labuschagne’s hand. Another ball angled in hit Labuschagne on the pad. Labuschagne is ruffled. Siraj stares at him for a brief while.

AUS 19/1
Over 9

Over 9. Shardul Thakur in. Looks just a bit stiff. Misses line and length by a shade in the first half of the over. A more aggressive batsmen, than Labuschagne, would have punished those deliveries.

AUS 16/1
Over 8

Over 8. Siraj steams in for his fourth over. He shapes the ball away from the leftie from round the wicket. Some balls finishing close to the stumps and some outside off. Induces a false cut shot from Khawaja. No edge, though! Beats the bat again on the fourth ball. A loose ball on the pads is put away for four. Poor finish to a promising over.

AUS 12/1
Over 7

Over 7. Good over from Shami. Maiden. Keeps hammering the good length outside off. He beat Labuschagne’s bat by just a whisker on the first ball of the over.

AUS 12/1
Over 6

Over 6. A run out mix-up on the third ball of the over, but Shubman Gill fumbles. At one point both batters were running down the same end. Siraj ‘miyaan’ is looking lethal from good length. The first ball is edged to third man for two runs, but this pitch has enough natural variation to keep Siraj hopeful.

AUS 5/1
Over 5

Over 5. Shami bowling with heart. Beats Khawaja’s bat for an LBW shout, two angry bouncers keep Khawaja anchored to the backfoot. Also, Shami is shaping the ball both ways. Good stuff from the experience India international

The Indian fans are overjoyed and out of their seats. Loud cheers, they truly believe India can come back in this game.

AUS 2/1
Over 4

Over 4. Siraj starts well. Beats Warner all ends up. Across the batsmen’s face line from round the wicket is tempting. At the time of pitching the balls are on the stumps line but when they reach near crease-length they are outside off. What a tease! Good delivery to dismiss Warner. On the second last ball, Siraj pings Labuschagne on the hand. Ouch that hurt!

Ball shapes away from Warner, who flirts with danger outside off. A nothing shot. A nothing probe. Good forward diving catch from Bharat.


IND 2/0
Over 3

Over 3. Shami operates from over the wicket. Gets the ball to move a little, but doesn't trouble the left handed batter. His pace is also down, in the mid 130s kmph.

IND 1/0
Over 2

Over 2. Siraj is the other operator with the new ball. Starts off with a ball on the pads. No run from it though. It is the next ball that is a beauty. Siraj from round the wicket to leftie Khawaja, pitches outside leg and hits the pads. Indians are excited. Good over from Siraj. Nice shape across the batsman.

AUS 1/0
Over 1

Over 1 Good over of seam bowling. The new ball is getting shape. Shami bowls in the corridor of uncertainty. Khawaja clips one ball on the pads for a single to square leg. One run from this over.

Khawaja on strike, Warner at the non-striker’s end.

Shami to start for India.

The Aussie batters are out in the middle. They would look to score quickly, get a lead of about 400 runs and put India in on the fourth innings pitch.

Rohit Sharma (c)  lbw b Cummins    15 runs    26 balls
Shubman Gill  b Boland    13 runs    15 balls
Cheteshwar Pujara  b Green    14 runs    25 balls
Virat Kohli  c Smith b Starc    14 runs    31 balls
Ajinkya Rahane  not out    89 runs    129 balls
Ravindra Jadeja  c Smith b Lyon    48 runs    51 balls
Srikar Bharat  b Boland    5 runs    15 balls
Shardul Thakur  not out    51 runs    109 balls
Umesh Yadav  b Cummin    5 runs    11 balls
Mohammed Shami  c Carey b Starc    13 runs     11 balls
Mohammed Siraj  not out    0 runs    3 balls
Extras    29
TOTAL    296/10
Overs 69.4
Fall of wickets: 1-30 (Rohit Sharma, 5.6 ov), 2-30 (Shubman Gill, 6.4 ov), 3-50 (Cheteshwar Pujara, 13.5 ov), 4-71 (Virat Kohli, 18.2 ov), 5-142 (Ravindra Jadeja, 34.3 ov), 6-152 (Srikar Bharat, 38.2 ov), 7-261 (Ajinkya Rahane, 61.6 ov), 8-271 (Umesh Yadav, 65.5 ov), 9-294 (Shardul Thakur, 68.3 ov), 10-296 (Mohammed Shami, 69.4 ov)

Mitchell Starc    13.4 overs    71 runs 2 wicket
Pat Cummins    20 overs    83 runs 3 wicket
Scott Boland     20 overs    59 runs 2 wicket
Cameron Green    12 overs    44 runs 2 wicket
Nathan Lyon    4 overs    19 runs 1 wicket


IND 296/10
Over 69.4

Over 70. Starc on. Expansive drive from Shami for two on the first ball. Starc pings him on the thigh pad the next ball. Wild swing outside off on the third ball from Shami. And finally, the left-armer gets his man.

Hostile bouncer going for Shami’s helmet gets the last wicket. Shami swings his bat half in defensive cover, half in bravado – the result is OUT!


IND 294/9
Over 69

Over 69. Cameron Green comes into bowl after a short spell by Boland. Shami, in the first two balls, looked assured. But Shardul has thrown his wicket away. Drama on the last ball, as the Aussies think they have trapped Siraj LBW but the DRS shows not out (inside edge).

Shardul tries to lift Green over mid-off for a boundary, instead nicks the fullish outswinger.

WICKET! Shardul edges Green to the keeper!

IND 292/8
Over 68

Over 68 What a picturesque straight drive for four. In the third ball of this over, Shardul proved his batting credentials. Even the mighty Sachin Tendulkar would have been proud of that shot. Shardul is batting on 47* and he is looking good. To add to that Shami spanks one for four past mid-off on the last ball. Cummins’over gave away tens runs.

IND 282/8
Over 67

Over 68. Shami can bat. He is already on 10 of 5 balls. Gets two boundaries this over, one was an inside-edge though!

Mohammed Shami is the new batsmen.

IND 271/8
Over 66

Over 66 Eventful over from Cummins. One four past gully from Yadav and two balls later he is bowled. Also India avoided follow-on this over.

Cummins aims a 140+kmph delivery on top of off and Yadav plays down the wrong line. Stumps are castled!



IND 266/7
Over 65

Over 65. Boland sticks to the channel on off stump. No appreciable movement of the pitch. One run from the over.

IND 265/7
Over 64

Over 64 Two runs from this Cummins over. Umesh Yadav does well to dead bat the charging Cummins.

IND 263/7
Over 63

Over 63. Muscular Boland keeps at it at the three-quarter length. The pace is in the 130s-kmph. But there is discipline in line and length.

Umesh Yadav is the new batsmen.

IND 261/7
Over 62

Over 62. Good over from Cummins. Patience with the outside plan pays off. Rahane the danger man gone for 89 (129).

Chases one more delivery wide outside off stump. This time Rahane isn’t lucky. Green snaffles it.

IND 260/6
Over 61

Over 61 Maiden over from Boland. Good steady start. Again on the offside channel.

Players back on the field. Rahane and Shardul are the Indian batters in the middle. Another nine runs to avoid follow-on. Scott Boland will start with the ball for the Aussies this session.

Post-lunch session to begin.

Rohit Sharma (c)  lbw b Cummins    15 runs    26 balls
Shubman Gill  b Boland    13 runs    15 balls
Cheteshwar Pujara  b Green    14 runs    25 balls
Virat Kohli  c Smith b Starc    14 runs    31 balls
Ajinkya Rahane  not out    89 runs    122 balls
Ravindra Jadeja  c Smith b Lyon    48 runs    51 balls
Srikar Bharat  b Boland    5 runs    15 balls
Shardul Thakur  not out    36 runs    83 balls
Extras    26
TOTAL    260/6
Overs 60
Yet to bat: Umesh Yadav, Mohammed Shami, Mohammed Siraj
Fall of wickets: 1-30 (Rohit Sharma, 5.6 ov), 2-30 (Shubman Gill, 6.4 ov), 3-50 (Cheteshwar Pujara, 13.5 ov), 4-71 (Virat Kohli, 18.2 ov), 5-142 (Ravindra Jadeja, 34.3 ov), 6-152 (Srikar Bharat, 38.2 ov)

Mitchell Starc    13 overs    69 runs 1 wicket
Pat Cummins    16 overs    65 runs 1 wicket
Scott Boland     16 overs    47 runs 2 wicket
Cameron Green    11 overs    42 runs 1 wicket
Nathan Lyon    4 overs    19 runs 1 wicket


IND 260/6

Over 60

Over 60 Excellent over from Cummins. Two DRS appeals. The first one was an LBW decision that was given by the umpire, Shardul challenged it and the big screen showed it was a no-ball. In the fourth ball of the over, Australia used their DRS appeal for an 'outside edge to the keeper' appeal. Again Shardul was batting. The big screen showed a gap between bat and ball. And that is LUNCH on DAY 3. India still in the contest but a mountain to climb for a win.

IND 259/6
Over 59

Over 59. Lyon is bowling a bit flat and fast. Rahane carves him for two fours - back foot punch through point and a square drive.

IND 249/6
Over 58.

Over 58. Five runs from this Cummins over. Shardul smacks a poor, over pitched ball on the legs for four. The sun is out and the ball is old. The apt time for an Indian partnership.

IND 244/6

Over 57

Over 57. Lyon into the attack and Rahane greets him with a first-ball four. Overpitched, driven through sweeper-cover! Five from this over.

IND 239/6
Over 56

Over 56. DROPPED! Rahane chases a wide one outside off from Cummins. The edge goes to slipper Warner, who drops it after wrong stepping to the right side of the ball. Rahane dropped twice today. One fortunate umpire's call not out. Yesterday, he was LBW of a no-ball. Nine lives of Ajinkya Rahane?

IND 234/6
Over 55

Over 55 Green persists with the channel bowling, but the 55-over-old ball isn't doing much. No real swing.

IND 229/6
Over 54

Over 54 Shardul again goes after Starc. Cracks a short ball through point. Six runs from the over.

IND 223/6
Over 53

Over 53 Good channel bowling from Green. Nice clean action, bowling with himself. One ball on the pads. Three runs for it.

Nathan Lyon is warming up

IND 220/6
Over 52

Over 52 Starc sprays it about a bit this over, some deliveries are short, some pitched up looking for swing. However, the speed is up, about 144kmph.

IND 217/6
Over 51

Over 51. Two runs from this Green over. Balls pitched up outside off. Green looking for swing.

IND 215/6
Over 50
Over 50.
Oooh! Number 8 Shardul is taking on Mitchell Starc! Over pitched from Starc and Shardul crashes it through the covers. The last ball though is a mis-hit from Shardul.

IND 209/6
Over 49

Over 49 Cameron Green into the attack. Rahane hits him for two fours – albeit one is streaky over the slips.

IND 199/6
Over 48

Over 48 Mitchell Starc into the attack, replacing Cummins. Bowls from over the wicket. Expect more potency from the pacer next over; this being his first over of the day. Three runs from it.

IND 196/6
Over 47

Over 47 Another probing over from Boland. One delivery down the leg side goes for four bye.

IND 191/6
Over 46

Over 46 FIFTY FOR AJINKYA RAHANE! He reaches the milestone with a SIX over square leg. What a pull! 13 runs from this over. Rahane on the fifth ball had also directed an edge past backward point for four. Rahane on the move!

IND 178/6
Over 45

Over 45 Sedate, steady over from Boland. He keeps on the hard length but Rahane and Shardul are watchful.

IND 175/6
Over 44

Over 44 Another hostile over from Cummins. Attacking the body and even challenging the stumps, particularly difficult for the batter Shardul as the balls are pitching roughly in the same area.

IND 173/6
Over 43

Over 43 Delicate cut for four. Rahane looking set. Boland is hitting the channel area.

IND 167/6
Over 42

Over 42. Hostile stuff from Cummins. A short one kicks off the surface and nails Shardul in the fingers. There is an injury break with the Indian physio out. Only one run from this over.

IND: 166/6
Over 41

Over 41. Another accurate over from Boland. Keeps it on a channel outside off, again the same hard length. Shardul edges one wide of the slips, it runs away for four. There was one misdirected delivery down the legs. But overall this innings, Boland’s accuracy makes one think, if a coin is placed on the pitch at that good length spot, he could perhaps even aim and hit it.

IND: 157/6
Over 40.
Over 40.
Aussie skipper Pat Cummins starts bowling from the other end. Bowls the hard length outside off stump to Rahane. Deep square leg and deep point are positioned. The length is a bit back of a length. The speed-o-metre shows an average of about 140kmph. This is testing stuff from Cummins. Some balls rearing off a length too.

IND 154/6
Over 39

Over 39. Boland pitches it up outside off. Exactly at the good length mark and gets the ball to swing into middle and off stumps. Bharat’s defensive push is down the wrong line. Beaten all ends up. BOWLED!

WICKET! Srikar Bharat BOWLED Scott Boland

Ajinkya Rahane and Srikar Bharat are the Indian batters at the crease.
Scott Boland to start with the ball for Australia.

DAY 3 of the final begins.

Rohit Sharma (c)  lbw b Cummins    15 runs    26 balls
Shubman Gill  b Boland    13 runs    15 balls
Cheteshwar Pujara  b Green    14 runs    25 balls
Virat Kohli  c Smith b Starc    14 runs    31 balls
Ajinkya Rahane  not out    29 runs    71 balls
Ravindra Jadeja  c Smith b Lyon    48 runs    51 balls
Srikar Bharat  not out    5 runs    14 balls
Extras    13
TOTAL    151/5
Overs 38
Yet to bat: Shardul Thakur, Umesh Yadav, Mohammed Shami, Mohammed Siraj
Fall of wickets: 1-30 (Rohit Sharma, 5.6 ov), 2-30 (Shubman Gill, 6.4 ov), 3-50 (Cheteshwar Pujara, 13.5 ov), 4-71 (Virat Kohli, 18.2 ov), 5-142 (Ravindra Jadeja, 34.3 ov)

Mitchell Starc    9 overs    52 runs 1 wicket
Pat Cummins    9 overs    36 runs 1 wicket
Scott Boland     11 overs    29 runs 1 wicket
Cameron Green    7 overs    22 runs 1 wicket
Nathan Lyon    2 overs    4 runs 1 wicket


IND 151/5
Over 38

Over 38. Starc bowls with heat. Hits Bharat flush on the elbow. Speed gun showed 144kmph. The physio is out. Bharat is in pain, but he managed to run two. After softening Bharat with the short one, Starc bowls length to him. The last ball is a yorker. Bharat digs it out and runs another couple.

Starc to bowl the last over of the day.

IND 147/5
Over 37

Over 37. Steady Boland sticks to the line outside off. The Aussies have bowled with discipline for the majority of this innings.

IND 145/5
Over 36

Over 36. Unrelenting pressure from Starc. Follows up the wicket over with three dot balls straight. Keeping the Indians hungry for runs. Bharat gets of the mark with a well-run two.

IND 142/5
Over 35

Over 35. What a delivery! Jadeja had to play this. Lyon bowling from over the wicket, gets an offie to turn from off stump. Jadeja tries to dead bat it, instead kisses it to the waiting slipper, Steve Smith.


IND 141/4
Over 34

Over 34. Jadeja motoring along nicely. He is batting at 48 of 50 balls. The Saurashtra man picks up two fours from this Starc over – both controlled edges/dabs past the gully fielder. Angry Starc loses his line, bowls outside leg, not a wide. 13 runs from this over.

IND 128/4
Over 33

Over 33. Measured start from Lyon. Yet to find the areas of the pitch with help. Even the length seemed a bit short. Easily negotiated by the Indians. Three runs from the over.

Nathan Lyon into the attack.

IND 125/4
Over 32

Over 32. Rahane-Jadeja fifty run partnership is up. Jadeja caps it off with a beautiful cover drive for four. Boland pounds away at the good length this over. However, Rahane and Jadeja seem to be set and anything a little off in line or length is being punished.

IND 120/4
Over 31

Over 31. Green bowls at about 140kmph on the channel outside off. The third ball kicks off the surface and move over the head of waiting slip fielders. Recorded as bye four.

Attacking Jadeja looking good. He has scored 31 of 37 balls. Attack seems to be the best form of defence, just like Travis Head did yesterday.

IND 116/4
Over 30

Over 30 Steady bowling from Boland. Sticks to corridor bowling. Rahane climbs onto one slightly full ball outside off and crashes it to the cover boundary.

IND: 112/4
Over 29

Over 29 Green bouncer hits Rahane on the helmet. Rahane is okay. Aussies getting good bounce from relatively fuller lengths than the Indians. One run from the over.

IND 111/4
Over 28.

Over 28. Jadeja looking good. Nonchalantly flicks Boland for a six to the mid-wicket boundary. His trigger movement and bat follow-through helped generate power. The rest of the deliveries are well negotiated, mostly left outside off. The last ball angles into the stumps. No appeal.

IND: 105/4
Over 27

Over 27. Jadeja punches green down the ground. Lovely, controlled drive. Rahane watchful as he gets corridor bowling. Five from this over.

There is a major difference in height between the two sides’ bowling groups. That perhaps has resulted in the Australians getting more bounce from this surface. While Mitchell Starc is 6ft 4in., Pat Cummins is 6ft 3in., Scott Boland is 6ft 2in., and Cameron Green is 6ft 5in. The tallest Indian bowler on show this test match is 5ft 10in.

IND 100/4
Over 26

Over 26. Maiden over from Boland. Extremely accurate at the fifth stump line, from where he is trying to get some natural variation.

IND 100/4
Over 25

Over 25. Two runs from this Green over. Green is clocking about 138kmph on average and is getting good bounce from the surface.

IND 98/4
Over 24

Over 24 One from this Cummins over. Rahane perhaps missed out on an over-pitched loose delivery.

IND 97/4
Over 23

Over 23. Intent from Jadeja. Takes down Starc this over - two fours. Half-volley on off driven straight, half-volley on the pads flicked to the leg side sweeper boundary.

IND: 88/4
Over 22

Over 22. Cummins makes Rahane hop, skip and jump this over. Pace is upwards of 140kmph. The ball is not swinging off the pitch as much as it is being angled away by Cummins. Beautiful bowling! On the last ball, the umpire gives Rahane LBW out, but it was overturned for being a no ball.

IND 83/4
Over 21

Over 21. While bowlers from both sides have bowled on the channel, the Aussies have extracted more bounce. Starc this over challenges Jadeja with pace, carry and bounce. The first ball was the only full ball in the over, and Jadeja had driven it straight for four.

 IND: 79/4
Over 20

Over 20. Cummins pounds away at the good length. All Aussie bowlers have been more accurate than the Indians.

IND 72/4
Over 19

Terrific over from Starc. After dismissing Kohli, he shakes up Jadeja. Ball pitching on the stumps, swings away. Jadeja top edges it to a safe location between the infield and the boundary in the point region. The Indians are looking hopelessly out of sorts.Over 19.

Kohli, committed on the front foot, nicks one that reared off a length from Starc who is bowling from left arm over. Indians have all but lost this final.

WICKET! Kohli falls to Starc.

IND 71/3
Over 18

Over 18. Rahane (12 of 15 balls) is looking good. Slapped a short one from Cummins to the midwicket boundary. Rahane has played with control. Pulled and driven with confidence. There are odd deliveries which have even beaten him, but he has looked like India's most assured batter.

IND 67/3
Over 17

Shot! Typical Kohli cover drive. What a hit! Indians in the crowd finally have something to cheer about. Six runs of the Starc over.Over 17.

IND 61/3
Over 16

Over 16. Six runs from this Green over. Lovely cover drive from Rahane on the third ball.

IND 55/3
Over 15

Over 15. Accurate channel bowling from Boland. The last ball is short and Rahane hammers it over gully for four.

IND 50/3
Over 14

Over 14. Excellent over from Green. Keeps pounding the line outside or on off stump. Indian batsmen are made to play every delivery. Bowled, LBW and caught behind are all in the equation.

The dismissal was a carbon copy of the way Gill was bowled. Ball moves into the stumps from outside off and Pujara lets it go. The off pole is uprooted.


IND 49/2
Over 13

Over 13. Maiden over. Boland on target all six deliveries this over. Maintains the three-quarter length outside off stump.

IND 49/2
Over 12

Over 12 Green errs in length on the fifth ball, slightly short. Pujara square drives it to the sweeper cover boundary. Seven runs from the over.

Cameron Green into the attack

IND 42/2
Over 11

Over 11. Boland sticks to his channel bowling. The third ball was a touch too full and wristy Pujara on-drove it for four. Five runs of the over.

Players return after the tea break.

IND 37/2
Over 10


IND 37/2
Over 10

Over 10. Another maiden over. The Indian batsmen are visibly shaken. Not looking to take any chances. Further the Aussies have extracted more pace and bounce from this surface than the Indians. Coupled that with accurate channel bowling, the Indians are perhaps being tested with the highest quality of red-ball bowling.

IND: 37/2
Over 9

Over 9. Maiden over. Boland keeps pounding good length with seam-ups. Some balls climb of a length, some straighten after being angled in. Excellent display of fast bowling.

From the get-go, the Aussies have been much more accurate with the ball than the Indians. If it is short it is on the body, if it is on the good length, then it is on off stump or outside off.

IND 35/2
Over 8

Over 8. Cummins keeps the pressure on this over. The Aussies are tightening the screws on the Indians. Desperate times.

India desperately needs a Kohli special.

Over 7. Boland’s persistence of channel bowling pays off. Gill not sure which ball will shape in or which ball will leave. Even the legendary Kohli was unsure in his first ball facing Boland.

Indian cricket's superstar Virat Kohli comes out to bat.

Poor judgment from Gill. Leaves an inswinger from the metronomic Boland. The ball crashes into the off pole.


Cheteshwar Pujara is out in the middle.

IND 30/1
Over 6

Over 6. Earlier in the over, Gill took on Cummins' short balls - lobbing one over the infield for two runs and another was smacked for four to the midwicket boundary.

Rohit misses a fast inswinger. Caught dead in front of the wickets. This lapse in concentration from the skipper could prove costly.


IND 23/0
Over 5

Over 5. Starc removed from the attack after just two overs! Scott Boland replaces the left-arm speed merchant. Known for channel bowling, Boland does that with accuracy. No stiffness, he hits the mark from ball one, perhaps a bit short. Rohit is circumspect and happy to play out a maiden.

IND 23/0
Over 4

Over 4. Cummins showing more control this over. Hits the perfect lengths. Gets a few deliveries to shape in and away. Speed is up too! Only a single run from the six balls.

IND 22/0
Over 3

Over 3. Indian openers showing clear intent. This is modern day test cricket. Rohit pulls the first ball uppishly to square leg and then unleashes two cover drives – one was a four. Nine runs from this Starc over.

IND 13/0
Over 2

Over 2. Productive one for India; eight runs from this Pat Cummins over. Rohit, Gill making it clear that they will not defend balls they generally go after in white-ball cricket. Gill unleashes a glorious cover drive in this over!

IND 5/0
Over 1

Over 1. Mitchell Starc starts the over to Rohit with a searing bouncer, makes his intentions clear – friendly ties strictly outside the field. Rohit responds with the next short ball being dismissively pulled away for four. The rest of the over is length.

And the Indian batting innings begins...

Mitchell Starc with the new ball.

Indian openers Rohit Sharma and Shubman Gill out in the middle.

David Warner  c Bharat b Thakur    43 (60)
Usman Khawaja  c Bharat b Mohammed Siraj    0 (10)
Marnus Labuschagne  b Mohammed Shami    26 (62)
Steven Smith  b Thakur    121 (268)
Travis Head  c Bharat b Mohammed Siraj    163 (174)
Cameron Green  c Shubman Gill b Mohammed Shami    6 (7)
Alex Carey  lbw b Jadeja    48 (69)
Mitchell Starc  run out (sub AR Patel)    5 (20)
Pat Cummins (c)  c Rahane b Mohammed Siraj    9 (34)
Nathan Lyon  b Mohammed Siraj    (9) 25
Scott Boland  not out    1 (7)
Extras    38
Over 121.3
Fall of wickets: 1-2 (Usman Khawaja, 3.4 ov), 2-71 (David Warner, 21.4 ov), 3-76 (Marnus Labuschagne, 24.1 ov), 4-361 (Travis Head, 91.1 ov), 5-376 (Cameron Green, 94.2 ov), 6-387 (Steven Smith, 98.1 ov), 7-402 (Mitchell Starc, 103.5 ov), 8-453 (Alex Carey, 114.4 ov), 9-468 (Nathan Lyon, 119.5 ov), 10-469 (Pat Cummins, 121.3 ov)

Mohammed Shami    Overs 29 Wickets 2
Mohammed Siraj Overs 28.3 Wickets 4
Umesh Yadav Overs 23 Wickets 0
Shardul Thakur Overs 23 Wickets 2
Ravindra Jadeja Overs 18 Wickets 1

India Team: Rohit Sharma (c), Shubman Gill, Cheteshwar Pujara, Virat Kohli, Ajinkya Rahane, Srikar Bharat (w), Ravindra Jadeja, Shardul Thakur, Umesh Yadav, Mohammed Shami, Mohammed Siraj


AUS 469/10
Over 122.


Over 122. With nine wickets down, Cummins decides to take on the bowlers - being the experienced batting partner in the middle. He fails, skying a Siraj slower delivery to the extra cover fielder!


AUS 469/9
Over 121

Over 121. Maiden over. Another quick over from Jadeja. Number XI Boland happy to fend him off with minimal risk.

AUS 469/9
Over 120

Over 120. Rohit brings back Siraj into the attack. He concedes a couple of singles before Lyon tries to play an uppish heave over mid-off. The ball is on the stumps, Lyon plays down the wrong line and is bowled.


AUS 463/8
Over 119

Over 119. Another quickly-completed over by Jadeja. He is bowling at the stumps; fielders are protecting both sides of the wicket. This over, Jadeja gave the ball more air than yesterday. The length is in the fuller section of ‘good length’.

AUS: 463/8
Over 118

Over 118. Umesh steams in, hits the channel. But one ball was marginally short outside off and Lyon sent it to the boundary. Seven runs from the over.

The Aussie tail-enders are at the crease. India will look to polish them off quickly.

AUS: 456/8
Over 117

Over 117. A fast-completed over from Jadeja. Just one run from it. Jadeja is giving the ball more flight today.

AUS 455/8
Over 116

Over 116. Good channel bowling again from Umesh. Keeping things tight at one end. This is exactly what India need. However, the last ball was a well directed bouncer.

AUS 453/8
Over 115

Over 115. Successful over for the Indians. This was Jadeja’s first over of the day. On the third ball, Carey tonked Jadeja over long-on for SIX. Jadeja follows up the next one a bit fuller, with a bit more bite and a little flatter. What an important wicket!

Nathan Lyon walks into bat.


Jadeja bowls from left arm round, pitches the ball on middle and leg. The ball is full. Carey misses a reverse sweep and is given OUT following a DRS call taken by Rohit Sharma.

Jadeja into the attack.

Aus 446/7
Over 114

Over 114. Superb channel bowling from Umesh, beats the bat of Carey. Much better showing from Umesh this morning. This current spell is perhaps the best he has bowled this test match.

Sedate Carey, batting on 40, is the danger man for India.

Aus 443/7
Over 113

Over 113. A mixed bag of an over. The first delivery was left alone, the second was a push that reached the point boundary, the third was an LBW appeal following an impressive inswinger, the fourth was crashed for four to the square leg fence as Shami over-pitched. The fifth was a mis-hit on-drive and the last ball was similar to the fourth ball with the same result – four.

AUS 431/7
Over 112

Over 112 Good steady stuff from Umesh. Efficient channel bowling is the key for success in test cricket. Only one from this over.

AUS 430/7
Over 111

Over 111. Over ruined by three deliveries on the pads. All three balls gave runs, including one that Carey hit for four. Shami’s over gives eight.

AUS: 422/7
Over 110

Over 110. Maiden. Disciplined stuff. Umesh starts the session with six deliveries of channel bowling outside the off stump. Carey looked antsy to get some runs!

Umesh Yadav with the ball in hand.

AUS: 422/7
Over 109

Post-Lunch session set to start. Alex Carey (22) and Pat Cummins (2) at the crease.


AUS: 422/7
Over 109

Over 109. Two runs from the Shami over. Cummins at sea, unable to fend of an outswinger from Shami, beaten on the last ball. Carey more comfortable but yet to find his timing.

AUS: 420/7
Over 108

Over 108. Siraj concedes 10 of this over. He’s a victim of over-trying. Tries to deceive Carey by placing three men deep on the leg side, but he bowls a full one on the off stump. Carey carves that ball through the off side. Siraj also bowls a wide bouncer. One bouncer to Cummins gets late swing and beats the diving Bharat.

Aus 410/7
Over 107

Over 107. Three runs from this Shardul over. Good lengths and lines.

AUS 407/7
Over 106.

Over 106. Good, fast stuff from Siraj. Targets Cummins' body on occasions. Batter is troubled.

AUS: 406/7
Over 105.

Over 105. Good over from Shardul but he gives away four leg byes as an angled ball goes down the leg side

AUS: 402/7
Over 104

Starc pushes one delivery to the mid-off fielder and tries to steal a cheeky single but that does not happen. Substitute fielder Axar Patel intercepts and hits the wicket with a direct throw.

Over 104. Siraj back into the attack. Starts this spell in the 135-kmph range. Starc pushes one delivery to the mid-off fielder and tries to steal a cheeky single but that does not happen. Substitute fielder Axar Patel intercepts and hits the wicket with a direct throw.



AUS: 400/6
Over 103

Over 103. Three runs from this Shardul Thakur over. Good, consistent length bowling.

AUS: 398/6
Over 102

Over 102. Seven runs from this expensive Umesh Yadav over. One wayward inswinger to the leftie Carey goes down the leg-side, beats keeper Bharat and goes for four byes. These runs may just haunt the Indian players.

AUS: 391/6
Over 101

Over 101. Again good channel bowling from Shardul Thakur, maintaining that outside off stump line. Just three runs from this over.

AUS: 388/6
Over 100

Over 100. Umesh Yadav follows up Shardul’s brilliant over with his own disciplined channel bowling. The Indian bowlers are showing today that pace is not as important as persistence and patience on the right length and line on this pitch.

AUS: 387/6
Over 99

Over 99. What an impressive wicket-maiden over from Shardul. The ball to dismiss Smith was a beauty! A touch outside the off stump and slightly seaming in. Smith looked to dab it to the point-third man area, but instead found an inside-edge crashing into the stumps!  The rest of the over to Starc is disciplined outside off.

Speedster Mitchell Starc walks into bat.


AUS: 387/5
Over 98.

Over 98. Excellent over from Umesh Yadav! One fast in-dipper hits Smith on his fingers, one outswinger totally squares up Smith and a seam-up jaffa gets an inside edge from Carey, it was just inches away from the stumps.

AUS 382/4
Over 97

Over 97. Four runs from the over. Two loud LBW appeals from the Indians. Good inswingers from Shami. Carey gets a boundary too; a defensive prode outside off, but there is no third man and the edge trickles away to the boundary.

AUS 378/4
Over 96

Over 96. Umesh Yadav into the attack. Two runs from it. Good disciplined lengths and lines.

AUS: 376/5
Over 95

Over 95. Shami’s persistence with good length outside off pays. Green edges to Gill, who pouches it safely. This was a wicket maiden over. Shami keeps the rest of the over tight to Carey.

Keeper batter Alex Carey walks in to bat.


AUS: 376/4
Over 94

Over 94. Siraj concedes eight runs this over. Two boundaries from Steve Smith, one of them was an edge.

AUS: 368/4
Over: 93

Over: 93. Shami bowls a good over! Tries variations. Runs in wide of the crease on one delivery, angles one delivery away, even tries the short one once – but Steve Smith is unfazed. He is batting at 111*.

AUS: 367/4
Overs 92

Overs 92. Siraj finally gets the aggressive Head! The short ball tactic that started yesterday has finally worked. Several pulls were mis-hit yesterday and even today. It is the 92nd over that has brought the desired result for Siraj. Head will believe he has done the job for his team. Out after scoring 163 runs!

WICKET! HEAD gone! Siraj bouncer does the trick. Head does not connect the pull, gloves it to KS Bharat.
Head out 163 (174 balls)

AUS: 361/3
Overs: 91

Over 91. 10 runs from this Shami over, including two fours and a no-ball. India in dire-straits.

AUS: 351/3
Over 90

Over 90. Runs keep leaking. Six runs from this Siraj over. What a four from Head! Short, pulled away to square leg.

AUS: 345/3
Over 89.

Over 89. Six runs from this Shami over. Head smashes one past point. Disappointing.

AUS: 338/3
Over: 88

Over 88. Maiden Siraj mixes it up this over. One good bouncer, some length deliveries. But nothing seems to trouble Smith. The key is to have an extended spell of tight bowling.

AUS: 338/3
Overs: 87

Over 87. Shami steams in from the other end. Two runs from it. Good channel bowling.

AUS: 336/3
Overs 86

SMITH CENTURY! What a knock!

Over 86. Poor start for India. Siraj concedes two boundaries - both half volleys. Poor bowling. Nine runs from the over.

Day 2 begins. India desperate for wickets.

Scorecard at the end of play on the first day.

Australia 1st Innings
BATTING                                                                      Runs    Balls   
David Warner               c Bharat b Thakur                     43          60   
Usman Khawaja           cBharat b Siraj                         0           10
Marnus Labuschagne   b Shami                                    26         62
Steven Smith                not out                                       95        227
Travis Head                  not out                                      146       156
Extras    (b 1, lb 5, nb 5, w 6)    17    
TOTAL    327/3  85 Overs     
Yet to bat: Cameron Green, Alex Carey (w), Mitchell Starc, Pat Cummins (c), Nathan Lyon, Scott Boland
Fall of wickets: 1-2 (Usman Khawaja, 3.4 ov), 2-71 (David Warner, 21.4 ov), 3-76 (Marnus Labuschagne, 24.1 ov)
BOWLING                                       Overs    Runs    Wickets
Mohammed Shami                                20        77           1
Mohammed Siraj                                   19        67           1
Umesh Yadav                                         14        54           0
Shardul Thakur                                      18        75           1
Ravindra Jadeja                                     14        48           0
India Team: Rohit Sharma (c), Shubman Gill, Cheteshwar Pujara, Virat Kohli, Ajinkya Rahane, Srikar Bharat (w), Ravindra Jadeja, Shardul Thakur, Umesh Yadav, Mohammed Shami, Mohammed Siraj

The Aussies have a strangle hold over this game. It is hard to believe they have such a dominant position after just three sessions. The Smith-Head partnership is at 251* runs and could potentially get bigger. Smith will surely look to get his hundred tomorrow. Head at 146 will look to get a double ton.

The Australians will want to get in excess of 500 runs.


Aus 327/3
Over 85

Over 85. Shami bowls a quality over, probes outside off. But no edge. Smith looking settled. All bowlers, including Shami, haven’t got the ball to bounce as much in the last session of play as they did in the first session. The last ball was driven past the cover fielder for four. Not a bad ball, just great batsmanship from a set Steve Smith.

Aus 320/3
Over 84

Pedestrian stuff from Siraj. He will not be pleased with his effort today, this spell in particular. The pace has been down and he has sprayed the deliveries on both sides of the wicket. Two boundaries from Travis Head, one on the offside and the other one on the onside, both were pitched up in the batsman’s arc.

Aus 311/3
Over 83

Shami using the second new ball well. He also changed his angle to Travis Head, operating from right arm over. Beats the bat on a couple of occasions. Unfortunate to concede a streaky four to the third man boundary.

Aus 306/3
Over 82

Over 82. Again similar stuff from Siraj. Keeps it tight outside off stump. One delivery slightly short and it has been put away to the off side fence by Smith.

Aus 301/3
Over 81

Over 81. Shami back into the attack. The Indian pacers have looked one dimensional. All of them - right handed, looking for seam, none getting exaggerated movement of the pitch. Shami is the leader of the pack and delivers a good over, costing nothing, but he didn’t threaten the batsmen either.

Aus 301/3
Over 80

Over 80. Siraj back into the attack. India's premier pacer needs to get a break through. Siraj bowls with heart. Head nearly chops a mis-hit pull shot back onto the stumps but lady luck is not with India.

Aus 299/3
Over 79

Over 79. Jadeja being treated with disrespect now. The cavalier front foot charge shows Smith believes he can’t be beaten by spin of flight; thumps the ball past wide mid-off. Seven runs from this over.

Aus 292/3
Over 78

Over 78. Maiden. Thakur is bowling at 130+kmph. Not troubling the quality batsmen out in the middle, however there is discipline in length and line.

Aus 292/3
Over 77

Over 77. Jadeja, who ran riot on dust bowls in India just earlier in the year against this same Aussie side, is now looking uninspiring. His regular off-breaks which spun batsmen out in India are simply not spinning as much. Three runs from this over as the batsmen comfortably milk him.

Aus 289/3
Over 76

Over 76. Now the Aussies are plundering Indian hopes for the WTC title. Shardul Thakur is the recipient of this. First a lofted drive over mid-off and then a ramp shot over the slip fielder’s head. Nine runs of the over.

Aus 280/3
Over 75

Over 75. Jadeja to Smith. This contest in this whole match has been very one-sided. Smith has looked in no sort of discomfort. Example being the first ball of this over when Smith waltzed down the track to push for a single to the cover boundary. The rest of the over was similarly negotiated with ease by the Aussie pair.

Aus 277/3
Over 74

Over 74. New tactic from Shardul as he gets additional cover for the leg side drive when bowling to Smith. The results are good – only one run from this over.

Aus 276/3
Over 73

Over 73. The runs just continue to flow. The 200-run partnership is up. The third delivery of this Jadeja over is smashed to the cover boundary. Head goes onto the backfoot and makes room to a delivery which was very close to his stumps.

Aus 271/3
Over 72

The recurrent loose deliveries from Shardul are getting punished by the Aussies. There is simply no relenting. Loose on the hips and Head bashes it to the square leg boundary.

Aus 267/3
Over 71

Another quick over from Jadeja. No turn on offer. Very easily dealt by Smith. Two runs from it.

Aus 265/3
Over 70

Over 70. Good over from Shardul. Bowls outside off, gets shape and even gets a nick of Smith’s bat but it falls short.

Aus 263/3
Over 69

Over 69. Jadeja continues on the leg stump line to Head. The centurion doesn't seem bothered. He strokes them to mid-wicket. Smith comes on strike and charges at Jadeja - first an uppish chip over mid-off for four and then a crashing cover drive for another four. Nine runs from this over.

Aus 254/3
Over 68

Over 68. Shardul Thakur into the attack. Gets nice shape away from Steve Smith's off stump on the first ball. Hits length the next ball but Smith is secure in his defence and judgement. The one loose ball on the pads, Smith on-drives it for four.

Aus 247/3
Over 67

Over 67. Four runs from this Shami over. Again a few bouncers sent down, but with no real venom.

Aus 243/3
Over 66

Over 66. The Indians have sniffed it out that Head can be exposed against the short stuff. Siraj, Shami and then Siraj again go ahead with the short ball plan. Fielders inside and outside the circle for catching but the Aussies are unperturbed. Losing heart, Siraj bowls one on the pads, instead of the helmet grill, and Smith gleefully sends it off to the leg-side boundary.

Aus 238/3
Over 65

What a knock! Take a bow.

Over 65. Shami is unrelenting with the use of the short ball. Head was uncomfortable but he managed to play at all of them. He pulls the third delivery for a single. Indians are getting sloppy too! Short one from Shami is out of reach for the keeper, goes for 4 runs (bye).

Aus 232/3
Over 64

Over 64. Siraj is bowling with spirit. The field is set for short stuff – two fine legs, one square leg, third-man and a deep point. The first delivery whizzes past head-height. The second bouncer gets Head in an awful tangle. The third short one, gets Head of strike. Could be called ‘lucky’. Smith does well to negotiate the rest of the over, which includes short deliveries.

Over 63

Over 63. Shami gets swing. Beats Smith’s probing willow. However, Smith gets off strike with a controlled edge to third man. Accepted, Shami is getting swing, but to what good is that if it can’t get a wicket. One can’t even say the bowler is unlucky as the batsmanship has been of the highest order.

Aus 226/3
Over 62

Over 62. Siraj into the attack and what a start! Starts with a short one heading for Head’s head. Ruffled Travis Head is on the floor, on his posterior. The rest of the over is Siraj sledging Head and a retort from the batter in equal measure. No real sparks flying though. Siraj is bowling well past the 140-kmph mark.

Aus 222/3
Over 61

Over 61. Good over from Shami. He keeps it outside off. Undeterred by the torrent of runs from the other end, he sticks to his plan outside off. Only one run from this over.

Aus 221/3
Over 60

Over 60. If you are an Indian fan it is time to start praying. Cause in the first day itself the Aussies are running away with this fixture. Nine runs from the Umesh Yadav over. This time it is Steve Smith on the charge. Drives twice past the mid-on fielder for two boundaries - both were half-volleys.

Aus 212/3
Over 59

Over 59. This is mayhem now. Shami’s 13th over has gone for 13 runs. The Indians are bleeding away. Head unleashes the ramp shot on two occasions for two short deliveries outside off. One goes for four the other for six.

Aus 199/3
Over 58

Over 58. Umesh Yadav continues his good-length outswingers. But Smith is getting used to this now; punches one for four to the point region.

Aus 192/3
Over 57

Over 57. Edge! Shami to Smith. Ball shapes in, Smith plays the wrong line and gets an outside edge. The ball falls short of slip. Some uneven bounce seen this over.

Aus 185/3
Over 56

Over 56. One run from this Umesh Yadav over. He is quick and hits the good length, trying to induce a mistake but Smith is in no mood to oblige. Aussies looking comfortable.

Aus 184/3
Over 55

Over 55. Shami into the attack. Maiden. A bit of seam on display. Smith faces all deliveries and he is content in leaving them or defending them. Quality seam bowling from the Gujarat Titans quick.

Aus 184/3
Over 54

Over 54. Again the first ball has disappeared to the fence. Good length, outside off and Head punches it past the mid-off fielder. Six runs from this over.

Aus 178/3
Over 53

Over 53. Seven from Jadeja’s over. The first ball is a half volley outside off and Head crashes it to the cover boundary. Smith, Head then milk another three singles. Australia is in cruise control.

Aus 171/3
Over 52

Over 52. Umesh starts proceedings in the final session for India. Length, outside off. Smith is respectful. Only one run from the over.

Post Tea session begins.

Australia 1st Innings
BATTING                                                      RUNS    BALLS    
David Warner          c Bharat b Thakur           43            60       
Usman Khawaja      c Bharat b Siraj                0             10       
M Labuschagne       b Shami                            26            62     
Steven Smith           not out                              33           107    
Travis Head             not out                               60            75
Extras    9   
TOTAL    170/3  
Overs      51
Yet to bat: Cameron Green, Alex Carey (w), Mitchell Starc, Pat Cummins (c), Nathan Lyon, Scott Boland
Fall of wickets: 1-2 (Usman Khawaja, 3.4 ov), 2-71 (David Warner, 21.4 ov) 3-76 (Marnus Labuschagne, 24.1 ov)

BOWLING                                         Overs        Runs    Wickets
Mohammed Shami                                10          30         1
Mohammed Siraj                                   13          40         1
Umesh Yadav                                         9            31        0
Shardul Thakur                                     12            52        1
Ravindra Jadeja                                      7            2          0
India Team: Rohit Sharma (c), Shubman Gill, Cheteshwar Pujara, Virat Kohli, Ajinkya Rahane, Srikar Bharat (w),  Shardul Thakur, Umesh Yadav, Mohammed Shami, Mohammed Siraj

Tea is declared.

Aus 170/3
Over 51

Over 51. Jadeja again keeps it tight but to what avail if the other end keeps leaking runs. Jadeja, though, has impressed with his zero-flight darts, attacking the stumps.

Aus 169/3
Over 50

Over 50. Five from this over. The first ball Head crunches it through point! This aggressive batting is paying off. The close in fielders are fewer and the Indian shoulders are starting to droop.

Aus 164/3
Over 49

Over 49. Jadeja tosses the ball up a bit more this over. Beats Head’s bat on few occasions. Smith is also circumspect. But India needs wickets and such tight overs will not bother Australia.

Aus 163/3
Over 48

Over 48. Maiden. Again Umesh to Smith. Back of a length, fourth stump deliveries. Smith happy to leave and defend.The most attacking shot is a punch to mid off.

Aus 163/3
Over 47

Over 47. Absolutely no air from Jadeja. He is bowling flat, knowing fully well there is very little turn on this pitch. Bowls to his orthodox field, concedes two runs from this over.

Aus 161/3
Over 46

Over 46. Umesh Yadav into the attack. Maiden. Mostly back of a length stuff on fourth stump. Umesh depends on natural variation and is bowling close to 140 clicks. Smith is happy to leave and defend.

Aus 161/3
Over 45

Over 45. Smith to Jadeja. Nothing really tossed up, no real turn but at least there is a bit of guile and Jadeja bowls to his field. Smith defends the first four balls and clips a single of the next. Head defends the last one.

Aus 160/3
Over 44

Over 44. Runs flowing thick and fast. Seven from this over, including a stylish cover drive from Head. Good length is fine, but it needs a bit of vigour. Either the ball shapes/swings or it is fast. Shardul displayed none with any consistency this over.

Aus 153/3
Over 43

Over 43. Jadeja, bowling from left-arm round to Head, has a short square leg. He is attacking the leg stump with protection in the leg-side boundary. The idea is to draw Head into a false stroke; play with his patience. However, the plan fails. The last ball is pitched up on off and it was dashed to the long off boundary; no cover there. India should be careful this partnership is growing fast.

Aus 149/3
Over 42

Over 42. Thakur carries on in his merry way. Bowling on the fourth stump line is the mantra to take wickets and keep things tight. The last ball showed a bit of banana swing, was that intentional or was it of the pitch? Unplayable!

Aus 148/3
Over 41

Over 41. Another quick over from Jadeja. Fast, flat and little room. The attacking Head pinned is to the crease. Only one single from this over.

Aus 147/3
Over 40

Over 40 After the hiding of the first over, Thakur comes back with heart. Keeps it on good length. Beats the edge of Head's bat. Three runs from the over.

Aus 144/3
Over 39

Over 39. Two runs from Jadeja's over. Tight, attacking the stumps. No real flight. Bowled at about 90kmph.

Ravindra Jadeja into the attack.

Aus 141/3
Over 38

Over 38. Smith on the charge. This may be test cricket but that does not mean a few strokes can't be played. Smith exemplifies that. One clipped off the pads to the square leg boundary and one wide and full delivery gets crashed to the sweeper cover boundary. Earlier in the over, Head cut one over the slips for four. 16 runs from this over.

Aus 125/3
Over 37

Over 37. Siraj v/s Head a class battle. Head, who is batting at a strike-rate of 100, concedes a maiden to 'miyaan' magic. Hyd's Old city lad, Siraj is fast on good length and a little nippy. The over's fourth ball kicked of the surface and smacked Head in the stomach.

Aus 125/3
Over 36

Over 36. The aggressive Head gets a little antsy as Thakur manages to pin him back on the off stump with good length bowling. Head attempts a cut shot that missed the ball by an inch or two. Shardul has impressed with his persistence to bowl seam on the corridor of uncertainty. However, the last ball is pitched up on the pads and it has been punished by Smith for a four.

Aus 120/3
Over 35

Over 35. Three runs from the over. Siraj is trying to keep things tight, but the Aussies are able to take singles. Perhaps a change of bowling in the offing.

Aus 117/3
Over 34

Over 34. Thakur is impressive. Sets up Smith beautifully. Bowls three balls just outside off, drawing dead bat shot to cover. Then these three deliveries are followed up by a very full in-swinger. Umpire unmoved, clearly missing the stumps. One single Head had taken on the first ball.

Aus 116/3
Over 33

Over 33. A change of end for Siraj. Maiden. Siraj bowls with the skiddy quality he is know for. But his pace has dropped and Smith is more than happy to negotiate to protect his wicket.

Aus 116/3
Over 32

Over 32. Siraj replaced by the so-far impressive Shardul Thakur. Just like the first session, he has kept it tight this over too. Not giving much away. Even the gutsy Head should be wary. He very nearly lobbed a catch to the point fielder.

Aus 113/3
Over 31

Over 31. The exciting Travis Head rips into Shami. Nine runs from the over. The second ball was on the pads and it was dispatched to the square leg fence. The third was vehemently cut away to the point boundary. Must be noted that the deliveries themselves were not bad deliveries. It is the batter who is special. Head is known to be a counter attacker. He is already batting at 28 of 19 balls.

Aus 104/3
Over 30

Over 30. Five from the Siraj over. Counter attacking Travis Head flicks one delivery on the pads aerially to the mid-wicket boundary. Siraj losing steam.

Aus 99/3
Over 29

Over 29. Shami’s experience shining through. He has shown patience in terms of not over-trying or bowling against his field. But again showing experience with the variety of deliveries on show from the same outside off stump, three-quarter length.

Aus 97/3
Over 28

Over 28. Siraj is consistently clocking above 140 kmph. The Indians are doing well to keep the pressure on post lunch. Siraj this over was not just quick but his lines and lengths were much better. He has kept Smith on the backfoot with pace and the three-quarter length. This is means no room for drives.

Aus 89/3
Over 27

Over 27. Shami is onto Steve Smith’s body. Bouncers and short balls. This buffet from Shami can send Smith to the doctor. Not searing pace but deadly accuracy. More than once Smith was cramped for room. The second delivery was flicked to the fine-leg boundary for a four though. Intriguing battle.

Aus 85/3
Over 26

Over 26. Siraj does not follow up Shami’s brilliance with enough vigour. Sprays the ball around a bit. The fifth ball was pitched up, a bit loose, put away to the fence

Aus 80/3
Over 25

Left-hander Travis Head is the new batsmen.

Over 25. Excellent over from Shami. His experience coming to the fore. Testing deliveries outside off stump. Some deliveries nipping in, some out. Batsmen circumspect. The delivery to Labuschagne the cherry on top.

Shami bowls this in-swinger full, just a hint outside off stump. The ball does enough to beat Labuschagne's driving bat. Labuschagne castled. India on top.

Wicket! M Labuschagne 26 (62)

Aus 76/2
Over 24

Over 24. The post lunch session starts. Siraj begins proceedings for India. He keeps it in the traditional good length area. Though the sun is out, it is quite chilly with most players in their pullovers. May not be the ideal conditions to bat with the chill in the air.

Australia 1st Innings
BATTING                                                      RUNS    BALLS    4s    6s
David Warner          c Bharat b Thakur           43            60        8      0
Usman Khawaja      c Bharat b Siraj                0             10        0      0
M Labuschagne       not out                            26            61        3      0
Steven Smith           not out                              2              7        0       0
Extras    (b 1, lb 1)    2    
TOTAL    73/2   
Overs      23 (RR: 3.17)   
Yet to bat: Travis Head, Cameron Green, Alex Carey (w), Mitchell Starc, Pat Cummins (c), Nathan Lyon, Scott Boland
Fall of wickets: 1-2 (Usman Khawaja, 3.4 ov), 2-71 (David Warner, 21.4 ov)

BOWLING                                         Overs    Maidens    Runs    Wickets
Mohammed Shami                                6            1             12          0
Mohammed Siraj                                   6            2              16         1
Umesh Yadav                                        6            1              27         0
Shardul Thakur                                      5            1             16          1
India Team: Rohit Sharma (c), Shubman Gill, Cheteshwar Pujara, Virat Kohli, Ajinkya Rahane, Srikar Bharat †, Ravindra Jadeja, Shardul Thakur, Umesh Yadav, Mohammed Shami, Mohammed Siraj

Aus 73/2
Over 23

Over 23. Umesh keeps it tight after Shardul's wicket-over. India will be relieved the attacking Warner is back in the pavilion. At least, the run-scoring rate will drop now.

Aus 72/2
Over 22

WICKET! 21.4 David Warner 43 (60)

Shardul gets a short one to kick of the surface. Warner tries to pull but only manages a glove it to the wicketkeeper KS Bharat, who takes a full-length diving catch to his right side. Relief for India!

Aus 67/1
Over 21

Over 21. Five runs from it. Umesh bowls well, but the last ball is on the pads and Labuschagne clips it to the fine-leg boundary.

Aus 62/1
Over 20

Over 20. Only 2 runs from it. Shardul Thakur has looked impressive so far. He is not looking to bowl express pace. He is channeling all his energies on hitting that uncertain corridor outside or on off stump. This has a two fold result - he is bowling to his field, ergo going for few runs and at the same time he is attacking the stump and any natural movement of the surface is troubling the batsmen.

Aus 61/1
Over 19

Over 19. Umesh has changed his plan too. This over to Warner, who had been severe on him before, is much shorter and closer to the off stump. Warner looks uncomfortable with the lack of room. In fact, one delivery very nearly kisses the off stump that Warner had left. Umesh is trying to rein in his bowling stats for this spell.

Aus 60/1
Over 18

Over 18. Shardul bowling wicket to wicket. An excellent ploy. Labuschagne misses one on the stumps and the Indian players erupt for an appeal. The umpire is unmoved. India reviews it, only to find the ball would have missed the stumps on height. Review lost.

Warner has made his intentions very clear. If there is any semblance of a loose delivery it will be met. To a degree, he will play his attacking white-ball game. But at the same time, he is more than happy to give respect to the good balls. Labuschagne seems to be the perfect foil for Warner, content in taking singles and blunting out the red cherry.

Aus 55/1
Over 17

Over 17. Umesh gets one to kick of the surface, tags Labuschagne on hand. He does not look in any discomfort. Better over from Umesh.

Aus 54/1
Overs 16

Over 16. Good over from Shardul. Close to a wicket! India does review the LBW shout on the fifth delivery. The DRS shows the in-swinger to Labuschagne was 'an umprire's call OUT'. Well, at least India have all their reviews intact.

Aus 54/1
Over 15

Over 15. Three boundaries from this over. Umesh Yadav has already conceded 18 runs in his first two overs. Warner is targetting him - two belligerent cuts and an elegant backfoot punch.

Aus 38/1
Over 14

Over 14. Shardul looks to seam the ball. Does not get much swing. Even the overhead conditions are not as overcast as they were at the start of play. The ball is not swinging.

Shardul Thakur into the attack. Siraj, Shami removed from the attack and replaced by Umesh and Shardul.

Aus 34/1
Over 13

Over 13. Umesh starts well. Seams one outside off, Labuschagne gets an edge to third-man for a single. But, Warner is in no mood to let go of loose deliveries. A gentle half volley outside off and Warner crashes it to the cover boundary.

35-year-ol UT Yadav into the attack.

Aus 29/1
Over 12

Over 12. Only three runs from this over. Siraj's pace has dropped slightly. This was his sixth over on the trot. He too maintains discipline outside off stump. Not erring in length or line.

Aus 26/1
Over 11

Over 11. Shami on his sixth over on the trot. The pace seems to have dropped slightly. However, the length and line remain close to perfect. Keeps probing outside Warner's off stump. A couple of false cut strokes were also induced but no wicket. Alas! the fifth ball has been brutally pulled away for a FOUR to the mid-wicket boundary. The ball was slightly short but silver haired Warner was quick to pounce onto this one bad ball in Shami's spell so far.

Aus 22/1
Over 10

Over 10. Maiden over by Siraj. While the pitch is green, the amount of swing on display has diminished as the overs have gone by.
Siraj operates his fifth over with a leg-slip; seemed to have been a decoy as all the deliveries this over were on that attacking length on off stump.

Aus 22/1
Over 9

Over 9. Only one run from this Shami over. On his fifth over on the trot, Shami maintains that three-quarter length, attacking off-stump.

Aus 21/1
Over 8

Over 8. Excellent over from Siraj. His deliveries are fast and getting enough movement to confuse the batsmen. He has also been very accurate; bowling from around the wicket to the left-handed Warner just outside off stump. On the first ball of the over, a slightly short ball hit Labuschangne on the thumb.

Aus 18/1
Over 7

Over 7. Another testing over from Shami. One delivery gets a false stroke and one delivery hits the pads. All six deliveries are bowled with great intensity.

Aus 16/1
Overs 6

Over 6. Siraj is bowling with searing heat. Deliveries whizzing outside off at 140 kmph. The batsman, Warner, looks out of depth on this green top. In despair, he slashes at one delivery outside off and get a streaky FOUR (5.3).  But Siraj has the edge after this fine over.

Aus 8/1
Overs 5

Over 5.
Shami keeps the intensity up after Siraj's wicket-taking over. But he makes an error; overpitching one outside off (4.3) and Warner punches it past mid-off for three runs.

Aus 2/1
Overs 4

M Labuschagne, world's number one ranked batsman, comes in at three. Siraj is on fire. Two jaffas to welcome right-handed Labuschagne. Labuschagne would not dare play at these deliveries outside off.

WICKET! 0 (10)

Aus 2/1
Over: 3.4

Over 4.
Mohammed Siraj sticks to the middle stump line in the first three deliveries. Sets up Khawaja beautifully with one that leaves him outside off (3.4). Good catch by keeper Bharat. Usman Khawaja gone for a duck.

Aus 2/0
Over: 3

Over 3.
Shami starts his second over with a good length ball seaming in. Defended well by Warner. The second ball is similar but induces a false stroke. Falls safely in front of Kohli at slip. Impressive end to the over. Warner misjudges a ball outside off and then gets hit on the pad.
Over 2.
Good carry and seam on this green top. Siraj bowls outside off the first two balls. The third one is sprayed on Khawaja's leg, no run though.
Mohammed Siraj is sharing the new ball with Shami. Khawaja on strike.

Over 1.
Shami sticks to the hard length outside off stump on all six deliveries. Gets prodigious in-swing on the third delivery. Warner looks steady. This pitch has pace and carry.

David Warner, and UT Khawaja are opening for Australia. Veteran pacer Mohammed Shami (32) is set to start for India with the new ball.

Captain Rohit Sharma explains his decision to field, saying the overhead conditions are favourable for pacers. He believes the pitch will not deteriorate much in the next five days.

India have gone into this tie with five pure batsmen, wicket-keeper, four seamers and one spinning-allrounder.

The Indian playing XI:
RG Sharma (c), Shubman Gill, CA Pujara, V Kohli, AM Rahane, KS Bharat (w), RA Jadeja, SN Thakur, UT Yadav, Mohammed Shami, Mohammed Siraj

Australian Skipper Pat Cummins says he would have chosen to bowl as well, adds he is hopeful the pitch will assist spinners on the last two days.

The Australian XI:
DA Warner, UT Khawaja, M Labuschagne, SPD Smith, TM Head, C Green, AT Carey†, MA Starc, PJ Cummins*, NM Lyon, SM Boland.