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Bankruptcy scares Virat Kohli


Published on: June 6, 2016 | Updated on: June 6, 2016

While there is no stopping Virat Kohli on the field, bankrupcy scares him off it. (Photo: BCCI)

Mumbai: The form he is in, Virat Kohli can do no wrong on the field. The star Indian cricketer, who slammed 4 hundreds in recently concluded IPL season, amassed record 973 runs in the ninth edition of the cash-rich tournament.

While India could not win the silverware during the ICC World Twenty20, Kohli scored 273 runs, won Player of the Tournament award and was also picked as skipper for tournament’s team.

Such is his run of form that bowlers across the world are having trouble to find ways to dismiss Kohli. World’s third most marketable athlete is making sure he continues to earn laurels with breathtaking displays on cricket field.

While it seems nothing scares Kohli on the cricket field, he is scared of bankruptcy off it.

In a recent interview to ‘GQ Magazine’, Kohli said, "I’ve begun to think about my future. About how to secure it. Money doesn’t motivate me, but it’s important. I’ve gotten accustomed to a certain financial environment. It’s important to sustain that. I’ve seen so many athletes go bankrupt at the end of their career. It’s scary."