Here’s how Hardik Pandya extracted 'revenge number 1' on Virat Kohli’s 29th birthday

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It seems the Indian all-rounder cashed in on the first possible opportunity to return the favour to Team India skipper.

Virat Kohli pulled Hardik Pandya’s leg during a chat show which hit the online space earlier this week. (Photo: BCCI)

Mumbai: After Virat Kohli pulled Hardik Pandya’s leg during a chat show which hit the online space earlier this week, the Indian all-rounder has done his bit to return the favour to his Team India skipper.

“Hardik Pandya ke paas iPod hai, usme saare English gaane hai. Usko ek gaane ke paach words bhee nahee aate. Usko bas beat chaahiye aur who bas hilta rehtaa hai (Hardik Pandya has an iPod and he only has English songs. He does not even know five words from any song. All he needs is a bit and he starts to groove. So, we get irritated with his songs),” Kohli said during Gaurav Kapoor’s chat show Breakfast with Champions.

“Bacha mera iPod. Aur mere iPod main Punjabi gaane hai. Kabhee kabhee Hindi romantic songs bhee hote hai par baaki Punjabi. Maahol thoda lively rehnaa chaahiye (That leaves my iPod. It only has Punjabi songs. At times, there are Hindi romantic songs but mainly Punjabi. Must keep the atmosphere lively),” added the Indian skipper.

“I have never seen such a lost soul like him (Hardik Pandya) in my life. He says anything. A few days ago he was talking about Ash (R Ashwin). So, in a hurry he says, that Ravikashyap Ashwin bowls so well. He has no control on his tongue. He has a good heart but he speaks anything,” continued Kohli.

Pandya, who had a night to forget as New Zealand beat India by 40 runs to level the three-match T20 series in Rajkot, cashed in on a first possible opportunity to take his revenge on Kohli.

The Team India skipper, who cut a cake to bring in his 29th birthday following the Rajkot T20, was dealt with some cake treatment and Pandya posted the picture, where Kohli’s face is covered with cake. Pandya wrote: Revenge no. 1️⃣ 😂
Happy birthday, skipper- @imVkohli."