Mystic Mantra: Spiritual necessity for non-violence

Columnist  | Sant Rajinder Singhji

Opinion, Op Ed

All souls are a part of God. All souls are connected to together by a deep bond.

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There are several reasons why those following the spiritual path need to cultivate non-violence. One reason revolves around the law of karma. This law states that for every action there is a reaction. As we sow, we must also reap. Whatever we do is credited or debited to our karmic account. If we cause injury to any living creature, we must pay for that deed in kind. Most people live in ignorance of this law. They harm others without being aware of the consequences. Although there are courts of law by which certain crimes are tried, many crimes seemingly go unpunished. We may think we have escaped punishment, but sooner or later we must pay for our deeds, whether it is in this life or the next. The karmic law is inexorable. Those following the spiritual path refrain from any violent acts. If we want to reduce our karmic debt so that we can return to God, we must develop non-violence. 

Another reason for developing non-violence is based on the fact that violence to other forms of life is interfering with God’s creation. How can we expect God to grant us entry to the spiritual regions if we mistreat His children? We may consider the lower forms of life insignificant. We may think insects are repulsive and reptiles useless. But for some reason known to Him, God created each life form. To Him, all are His children. What is more, the outer form is but a shell or casing for the soul within. And that soul is a part of God. If we can feel so much love for our children, how much more love must God feel who has created the entire universe?

Imagine His pain to see His most intelligent life forms, His most noble creatures, human beings, injuring His less endowed children? We who are the highest in all creation should be the most spiritual and noble of His creatures. It is incumbent on us to live up to the highest ideals for which He created us, and protect and help the lower life forms. It is for this reason that those on the spiritual path advocate a vegetarian diet. God has granted humanity enough growing plants as food. We need not kill animals, birds, and fish for our sustenance. If we wish to reunite our souls with God, we must keep ourselves pure. We must develop love for all His creations. We can’t say we love God, if we do not love His children.  We should realize that within each beating heart is a soul, and that soul is no different from ours. All souls are a part of God. All souls are connected to together by a deep bond. The soul in us is the same soul that is in all other forms of life. If we can cultivate non-violence in our daily lives we will find that God is pleased with us and sheds more and more of His grace. We will become an abode of peace and tranquillity for those around us. We will be helping God by becoming a conscious co-worker in His divine plan. We will be helping him relieve the sufferings of His children.