Mystic Mantra: Creation is nothing but manifestation of God

Columnist  | Sadguru Rameshji

Opinion, Op Ed

Everything in the creation is HE and there is nothing other than HIM.

Devotee praying (Photo: AP)

Sab jag ishwar roop hai, bhalo buro nahi koyi      
Jaki jaisi bhavana, taiso hi phal hoyi  

This couplet in Hindi means that the whole creation is nothing but the manifestation (modified form) of God himself, hence, nothing in this creation is bad and nothing is good. This couplet further explains that whatever we feel for anybody or for anything in this world, so will be the reaction and result from it in our life. There are two aspects/secrets explained in the above couplet. One is the highest spiritual knowledge about the creation and the second about the behavioral aspect of creation. The first secret about the creation, explains that the God (God is referred here as the divine energy which is formless, omnipresent, omnipotent and eternal) has itself modified into various forms in the process of creation. Having taken various forms, it has got various attributes based on each form. Whenever a substance or a thing changes its form, it also changes its qualities and attributes. It appears completely different than its original substance. 

For example when ocean water evaporates it converts itself into water vapour and is invisible to our eyes. Though we could see it as water but now we cannot see it as water vapour.  Not only that, we could have drunk it, took bath with it as water but now after it has converted into water vapour, we cannot drink it nor we can bathe with it. Similarly this water vapour converts itself into cloud and thus gets a new name and form and new attributes. The process goes on and goes on till cloud converts into rain water, rain water into river and river merging back into the ocean. With every conversion a new entity takes birth, overshadowing the original entity with which it has come into existence.

One became many and many became one. This is the process of creation. As water became vapour, vapour became cloud, cloud became rain, rain became river and river merged back into the ocean similarly that One divine being became five elements (ether, air, fire, water and earth), mind, ego, senses etc and the mixture of five elements further converted into various forms like mountains, trees, atmosphere, ocean, food grains, animals, birds, humans etc. Each entity has its own attributes and distinct qualities. Thus the whole creation is nothing but the modified form of the supreme divine being and that divine being alone has become many objects. Everything in the creation is HE and there is nothing other than HIM. When everything is HE, then there cannot be anything as Good or anything as Bad.

This is the ultimate truth in  spirituality. When we start looking at everything and everybody as manifestation of the supreme divine being, then there will be no hatred, jealousy, fear or pride. There will be only love, compassion, concern and equality.  This vision is the vision of enlightenment and salvation. With this vision one would lead a life of a liberated soul and at the end of life, would merge with the supreme divine being.