Drugs worth Rs 2,000 cr seized off Gujarat coast

By :  pawan bali
Update: 2024-02-28 12:33 GMT
Almost 3,300 kg of contraband that includes 3,110 kg charas or Hashish, 158.3 kg of crystal Methamphetamine and 24.6 kg of suspected heroin have been recovered from packets that bore the stamp of 'Ras Awad Goods Co, produce of Pakistan', the NCB said. — X.com

New Delhi: In a major anti-narcotics operation, the Indian Navy, in collaboration with the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) and Gujarat Police, intercepted a suspicious vessel off the Gujarat coast, seizing approximately 3,300 kg of drugs. The operation, which resulted in the arrest of five foreign nationals, marks the largest offshore narcotics seizure in the country's history.

The seized narcotics, including 3,089 kg of charas, 158 kg of methamphetamine, and 25 kg of morphine, are estimated to be valued between `1,300 to `2,000 crore in the international market, according to NCB director-general S.N. Pradhan. The packets bore the stamp of 'Ras Awad Goods Co, produce of Pakistan', indicating a potential link to Pakistan.

Home minister Amit Shah lauded the joint operation as a "historic success," underscoring the Modi government's commitment to eradicating drug trafficking from the nation.

The unregistered fishing boat, suspected to have sailed from Chabahar Port in Iran, was intercepted on Tuesday morning in the Arabian Sea, approximately 60 nautical miles from the Indian coast and along the International Maritime Boundary Line (IMBL).

Indian Navy's maritime surveillance aircraft provided intelligence, leading to the deployment of a warship to intercept the suspicious dhow. Indian Navy's elite Marcos unit boarded the vessel, resulting in the largest narcotics seizure in recent times. The dhow was towed to the nearest Indian port, where the crew and contraband were handed over to law enforcement agencies.

NCB deputy director-general (Operations) Gyaneshwar Singh stated that the fishing boat, now in Porbandar, carried five individuals without identification. A Thuraya satellite phone and four mobile phones were seized from the suspects.

The operation, codenamed 'Sagarmanthan-1,' was the culmination of weeks of collaborative efforts between the Indian Navy and NCB. NCB officials suspect the involvement of a Pakistani food company in mobilising the drug cache.

NCB director-general Pradhan emphasised the increasing trend of drug smuggling through the maritime route and the vulnerability of the Indian coastline. He highlighted the operation's significance in disrupting illegal narcotics smuggling routes emanating from the Makran coast.


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