Bhatti to take Rahul's issues to every village and expose autocratic rule of BJP'

Update: 2023-03-31 18:30 GMT
CLP leader Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka padayatra entered Asifabad mandal in Komaram Bheem Asifabad district on the ninth day. (Photo: Facebook)

Bellampalli (Mancherial): CLP leader Bhatti Vikramarka says he would take the issues of Rahul Gandhi's disqualification as MP and notice seeking vacation of his official bungalow to every village during his padayatra. “I want to expose the ill intentions and autocratic rule of the BJP,” he said in an interview to Deccan Chronicle. He added: “Rahul Gandhi is a leader who does not have his own house even after being in politics for long.” EXCERPTS:

What kind of response are you getting from people to the People’s March padayatra as part of the ‘Haat Se Haat Jodo’ campaign?  

"People of all sections are receiving me with love and affection and consider me as their family member. They share their problems with me."

What are the main issues or problems that you noticed are seriously affecting the people?

"People are suffering from various problems. Many have lost their rights on their lands due to the errors in the Dharani portal introduced by the state government. People are not getting potable drinking water under Mission Bhagiratha, they have no jobs and Adivasis are no more getting any substantial benefit from the governmental arms like ITDA. They have no house, Adivasi have lost their rights to the forests."

What is your assessment of the nine years of the TRS/BRS rule?  

"Many medium and minor irrigation projects that were taken up and completed during the Congress rule are defunct due to lack of maintenance. This is very visible in the erstwhile Adilabad district. “Both tribals and non-tribals are suffering since they have no right to natural resources.”

For instance?

"For example, the Komaram Bheem irrigation project under which water is not given to even a single acre. The same is the case with the Triveni Sangamam and the Chikman project due to a lack of distribution channels and canals. People are depending on rain-fed crops since there are no irrigation facilities. No one now has income to lead a normal life other than the government employees. Usual and legally acceptable sources of earning have dried up or have been destroyed in the state.”

”The state government has failed to utilize the irrigation projects that were completed in Congress rule. The main slogan for the Telangana agitation was Neellu and Nidhulu and Niyamakalu and self-respect. The BRS government has failed to provide all three to the people.”

"There are no new jobs. At the same time, the people have lost their rights on lands due to the Dharani portal. Land was the main income source for them, but not so in the last nine years of rule of BRS.”

What is the problem with ITDAs?

“During my padayatra, the Mesram clan adivais said the ITDAs which were introduced by the Congress have become defunct. Earlier, the Adivasis used bullocks and carts, agriculture motors and wells. However, to the tribals’ disadvantage, the state government has diverted the ST sub-plan funds to other purposes. On the other hand, the forest staff are not allowing the adivasis into the forests for collecting minor forest produce and firewood. They are not allowed to do even their traditional fishing in the tanks and erect poles to erect the traditional ‘Pandiri’ (shed) for marriages. Thus, Adivasis have lost their additional income."

"The ‘Ojha’ community that makes bronze artifacts used to get interest-free loans but such a facility was stopped long back. KCR and his BRS government have failed on all fronts in the last nine-years of their rule and have not been able to fulfill the aspirations of Telangana's people."     

How do you look at the Rahul Gandhi disqualification and disqualification in Parliament?

“The BJP led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi posed a challenge to democracy by disqualifying Rahul Gandhi as MP and subsequently they issued a notice to him to vacate his official bungalow. It is the responsibility of the people to protect democracy and the wealth of this country at this critical juncture.”

“I would take the issue of Rahul Gandhi's disqualification and the notice asking him to vacant his official bungalow to every village during my padayatra and expose the ill- intentions and autocratic rule of the BJP.”

“Rahul Gandhi is a leader who does not have his own house even after being in politics for so long and coming from the Nehru family. His father, grandmother and others sacrificed their lives for this country. MLAs and MPs are making wealth in crores of rupees, not Rahul.” 

How are you going to fulfill the aspirations of the people of Telangana if the Congress returns to power?

“We will provide the people the right to their lands and make the small and marginal farmers land owners by introducing the ‘cultivator’ column that was removed from the Dharani portal by the state government."

“The Congress, once back in power, will provide irrigation water to the lands by completing the pending major and medium irrigation projects, as also concentrate on health and education sectors, and mainly to restore the self-respect of the people. We will also focus on issuing patta ROFR, land rights etc. We shall create more employment opportunities, introduce a '2-lakh crop loan waiver, and provide free housing.”

“The BRS government has not given water to an additional single-acre of land through its irrigation schemes even after constructing the Kaleshwaram irrigation project. All the irrigation projects except Kaleshwaram on Godavari and the Palamuru-Rangareddy project on Krishna were introduced under Congress rule in the state.”


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