Lokesh promises to reduce tax if TD returns to power

Update: 2023-01-29 19:27 GMT
Nara Lokesh speaks to a shopkeeper during his visit to the Sunday market at Shantipuram. (DC)

ANANTAPUR: TDP general secretary Nara Lokesh has promised to reduce the tax burden on the common man once his party returns to power. He also promises that a perfect plan of action would be designed to bring down the prices of essential commodities in Andhra Pradesh.

 Lokesh, on the third day of his Yuva Galam padayatra, interacted with the people at Shantipuram. Many have complained to him that the prices of all essential commodities as also the power charges are very high now and they were finding it difficult to make both ends meet. “Taxes are being levied now even on garbage and the house tax has been hiked. The RTC fare has also gone up. We are unable to lead a normal life,” they said.

 Some women told Lokesh that the YSRCP government was deliberately weakening the self-help groups and the money put in the savings accounts by them was being diverted. “Pensions for several people were stopped. If anyone complains, police cases are being registered against him or her.” The women said they wanted more  self-employment opportunities to be created.

 Lokesh had tea at a local stall. Its owner Krishnappa had a selfie with the TD leader. Lokesh allotted a special time every morning to have selfies with the local people. Responding to these complaints, Lokesh asked as to what happened to the promise that ‘Jagan will arrive faster than a gun’ if something happens to women?

 The TDP leader said there was no security for women in the state. At least three women were victims of atrocities in this assembly segment alone in the recent past. No action has been initiated against the culprits yet," he said.

 Lokesh said the people in general, women in particular, have lost their faith in chief minister Jagan Reddy. “How can Jagan, who had said he would approach the people again only after imposing Prohibition, seek votes now? Jagan has the credit of mortgaging even drunkards. YSRCP leaders are themselves manufacturing liquor, which is more dangerous than poison," he said.

 Mrs Bharathi Reddy, the wife of the chief minister, promised to the people that the Ammavadi scheme would be extended to all children. Is it being done," Lokesh asked.

 Lokesh asked the state government whether the pension scheme for all those who have completed 45 years of age, as promised, was being implemented. "Before the elections, Jagan Reddy said he would increase everything. People thought that the welfare schemes will be extended to more beneficiaries but the government is increasing only the taxes,he said in a sarcastic way.

 Lokesh visited the Sunday market at Santhipuram and spoke to the shop-owners. The traders pleaded that a separate land be allotted for the Sunday market. The TDP general secretary felt “very sad” that Santhipuram does not even have a proper drinking water facility “as the NTR Sujala Plants were closed after the YSRCP came to power.

 The villagers of Babunagar narrated their woes to Lokesh, that they do not even have a proper road facility. The damaged roads were not repaired for many years. Lokesh promised to build roads in the area “within 100 days of the TDP coming to power.

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