Mamata calls non-BJP CMs\' meet on Centre\'s interference

Let us commit to the cause of a unified and principled opposition that will make way for the government that our country deserves, Didi said

Update: 2022-03-29 08:44 GMT
More intriguing is how Mamata Banerjee has used the BSF's territorial expansion to make common cause with Punjab. (PTI)

Kolkata: Amid the CBI's probe in the massacre in West Bengal's Birbhum, Trinamul Congress chief Mamata Banerjee has written to non-BJP chief ministers and other Opposition leaders to commit to the cause of a unified and principled Opposition that will unitedly fight the saffron party and make way for the "government that the country deserves".

In a letter written to them as TMC chief, Ms Banerjee called for a meeting of all non-BJP CMs and Opposition leaders to discuss this and to fight the misuse of the Central agencies by the BJP-led government at the Centre.

Accusing the BJP of "interferences" in the judiciary after two heavyweight leaders of her party, Abhishek Banerjee and Anubrata Mondal, got no relief from the court from facing the ED and CBI in two separate cases, Ms Banerjee wrote in the letter, "I urge that everyone of us come together for a meeting to deliberate on the way forward at a place as per everyone's convenience and suitability. The need of the hour is for all progressive forces in this country to come together and fight this oppressive force. Let us commit to the cause of a unified and principled opposition that will make way for the government that our country deserves.*

Expressing her "deep concern over direct attacks on the nation's institutional democracy by the ruling BJP", she alleged, "Central agencies such as the ED, CBI, Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) and the Income Tax Department are being used to target, harass and corner political opponents across the country for vendetta. During the recently concluded Winter Session, Parliament bulldozed through the Delhi Special Police (Amendment) Bill 2021 as well as the CVC (Amendment) Bill 2021, in the midst of an Opposition walkout. These laws enable the Centre to extend the tenure of the directors of ED and CBI up to 5 years in blatant violation of a previous Supreme Court judgment."

Ms Banerjee claimed, "We all must resist the ruling BJP's intention to misuse these Central agencies with the sole intent of suppressing Opposition leaders. Central agencies are jolted to action just when elections are round the corner. It is amply clear that the BJP-ruled states get a free pass from these agencies to paint a rosy picture of their hollow governance. We believe in transparency and accountability in governance but we will not tolerate the vindictive politics of the BJP that has led to a political witch-hunt."

She added, "It pains me to see that the chief ministers of BJP ruled states have been consistently flouting the directives of the judiciary. I have the highest regards for the judiciary. But at present due to certain biased political interferences, people are not getting justice which is a dangerous trend in our democracy. In our democratic system, judiciary, media and public are important pillars. If any part is disrupted, the system collapses. Time and again, the BJP is trying to attack the federal structure of this country by attempting to influence a certain section of the judiciary. As the Opposition parties, it is our constitutional responsibility to hold this government accountable for their actions, to resist the stifling of voices of dissent."

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