Bhuvaneswari foresees TD-Jana Sena coalition\'s victory in Assembly polls

Former CM\'s Wife Slams State Government for Chandrababu Naidu\'s 49-Day Detention

Update: 2023-10-28 07:29 GMT

Tirupati: Nara Bhuvaneswari, wife of Telugu Desam (TD) chief Nara Chandrababu Naidu, has expressed her confidence that the TD-Jana Sena (JS) alliance would win power in the next year’s assembly polls.

Bhuvaneswari stated that while the ruling YSR Congress boasted of money power, the TD derived its strength from the people. She likened the next assembly polls to a Kurukshetra battle, where "the victory of the TD-JS coalition is certain."

Addressing a public meeting in Srikalahasti as part of her Nijam Gelavali yatra on Friday, the former CM’s wife criticised the state government for detaining Naidu in the Rajamahendravaram central jail for the last 49 days.

“The government does this without providing a shred of evidence in the Skill Development project case. The YSRC government is mismanaging the systems,” she said and raised concern about the present state of justice-dispensation in AP.

Underlining that the battle was not hers alone but a fight for everyone in the state, Bhuvaneswari said the people's love served as her protective shield against the injustices unfolding in the state.

She portrayed Naidu as a leader who consistently fought for the welfare of the people and asserted that both the people and TD activists rejected the YSRC's claims of embezzlement of public funds by Naidu as then CM.

Bhuvaneswari questioned the legitimacy of the allegations against Chandrababu's initiatives, which included developing the IT sector, generating employment opportunities, constructing Amaravati as the capital since 2014, overseeing the Polavaram project, bringing industries like KIA to Rayalaseema, and establishing training centres for skill development.

She asked whether schemes introduced during Naidu's tenure such as Pasupu Kunkuma, Thalli Bidda Express, and Anna Canteens, were criminal activities.

Bhuvaneswari reflected on the stark contrast between Naidu's leadership and the current YSRC’s administration, saying, "During Chandrababu’s leadership, AP was renowned for its development. It ranked among the top-performer states.

“However, under the administration, the state is known only for the atrocities, false cases and political attacks. AP is struggling with issues such as farmer suicides, drug trafficking, unemployment, violence against women, rape, land disputes, and corruption," she alleged.

Bhuvaneswari assured the people that Chandrababu would be released from jail and he would continue with his “unwavering service” to the people because “he is a leader dedicated to the welfare and prosperity of the state's citizens.”


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