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BJP survey data ready for booth-level leaders


Published on: December 26, 2022 | Updated on: December 27, 2022

Party president J.P. Nadda will hold a virtual meet with 35,000-odd booth-level presidents and do marganirdesan or provide them a plan of action. (DC)

Hyderabad: The Central leadership of the Bharatiya Janata Party has completed booth-wise socio economic survey of voters and their political affiliations in Telangana as part of its effort to stake a serious claim for power in 2023.

Come January 7 of the election year, booth-level presidents of all the 119 Assembly constituencies will be furnished survey data of their respective booths. Party president J.P. Nadda will hold a virtual meet with 35,000-odd booth-level presidents and do "marganirdesan" or provide them a plan of action.

"This will soon be followed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s virtual interaction with booth-level workers," party senior leader and former MLA N.V.S.S. Prabhakar told Deccan Chronicle. The state BJP has at least 22 members in each booth, taking the total number of booth-level workers to 7.7 lakh.

Taking a cue from the categorisation of Lok Sabha seats based on party’s performance in previous polls, the state BJP will take up similar exercise, not for the Assembly constituencies but further micro-level of booths. The party will divide booths broadly into two categories -- booths where party was polled 100 plus votes and those contributed less than that.

Sources said Telangana was on the top of the priority list and the central leadership would directly monitor the implementation of the plan of action tasked out to the state leadership. A high level meeting was held recently by Nadda in New Delhi which was attended by a few leaders from the state besides general secretary B.L. Santosh. "We engaged special agencies and gathered the data without any publicity," a senior leader pointed out.

The Assembly convener, prabhari, palak and vistarak will closely monitor the implementation of the party programmes while the Central leadership, given the significance attached to the Telangana polls, will regularly review the party performance, sources said.

Meanwhile, the party is confident of pulling off defections from the Congress as well as the Bharat Rashtra Samithi in the next few weeks. "This is an inauspicious month for taking crucial decisions and we are sure of influx post Sankranti," said the BJP leader who is part of the committee set up to engineer defections from other parties.