BRS helped TS grow in all sectors in 10 yrs: KTR

Update: 2023-10-27 16:11 GMT
K.T. Rama Rao said enormous development under BRS in the Sircilla constituency, addressing a Yuva Atmayee Sammelan' meeting on Friday.(Image source: Twitter)

Karimnagar: There has been enormous development across all sectors in the state in the ten years under BRS, including in the Sircilla constituency, said the IT minister and local legislator K.T. Rama Rao. Addressing a ‘Yuva Atmayee Sammelan’ meeting in Sircilla on Friday, Rao said that the BJP and Congress leaders were not able to see the development even after attending Kanti Velugu eye testing camps.

The state government introduced a unique ‘worker to owner’ programme and constructed group sheds investing Rs 400 crore on the bypass road in Sircilla town apart from an apparel park that will provide employment to around 3,000 unemployed youth and an aqua hub, he pointed out.

During election time, Opposition parties start playing religion, caste, and community cards. He urged the people to think of leaders who will develop their constituencies and not resort to such practices.

Congress leaders are asking for one chance but the people gave them more than 10 chances. Even after ruling for more than 55 years, the party has done nothing for the welfare of the people, Rao said.

Rebutting Karimnagar MP Bandi Sanjay Kumar’s claim that Narendra Modi was god, he wondered why the people should consider so when the Modi government was responsible for the increase in prices of gas cylinders, petrol and diesel, essential commodities and vegetables.

“People of Sircilla have been voting for me as they have seen the all-round development since the time I have been representing the constituency. It is for the people, especially the youth, to decide on which leader and which government they can trust to deliver,” Rama Rao said.


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