YSRC to launch ‘Why Not 175’ programme from Rajamahendravaram

Update: 2023-01-27 18:34 GMT
Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy addressing the Independence Day celebrations at IGMC Stadium in Vijayawada on Monday. (Photo: DC)

KAKINADA:  The YSRC Rajamahendravaram city president Adapa Srihari has said the 'Why not 175' programme of the party for the next polls would be taken up in the Rajamahendravaram Urban Constituency soon.

Meanwhile, all appointments of the trust boards in the temples would be completed, he told the media on Friday.

He said chief minister Jagan Reddy had advised the YSRC regional coordinators of Godavari districts, Peddireddy Mithun Reddy, Pilli Subhashchandra Bose and Rajamahendravarm MP M Bharat to organise the 'Why Not 175' programme.

“The temple trust board committees, the YSRC city and division committees etc would be appointed soon. The party would recognise the services of committed workers and cadre by giving priority to discipline.

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