Congress' Six Guarantees will be made law after TS win: Rahul Gandhi

Rahul accused KCR of looting crores of rupees in Hyderabad, which the Congress developed as a global city and turned it into an IT hub

Update: 2023-11-26 18:05 GMT
Rahul Gandhi Participated in Election Meeting at Kamareddy Constituency. (Photo by arrangement)

Hyderabad: Congress MP and former party chief Rahul Gandhi on Sunday promised to turn their Six Guarantees into a law in the first Cabinet meeting if the party is voted to power.

“If a legal framework is established, then the implementation of Six Guarantees will be binding on the state government,” he said while speaking at rallies in Andhole, Sangareddy, and Kamareddy constituencies.

He accused Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao of running “the most corrupt” state government in the country. “The CM and his family members looted Rs 1 lakh crore in the Kaleshwaram project alone. They looted 20 lakh acres belonging to the poor in the name of Dharani portal,” Rahul said.

Rahul Gandhi said that it was the Congress’ policy to distribute wealth to people, especially that which was “looted” by previous governments of other parties.

“My first request to CMs of all Congress-ruled states was to distribute wealth to people, which should be equivalent to whatever was looted by previous governments.

For that reason, we are implementing several schemes in Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Himachal Pradesh, and Karnataka. We are implementing Five Guarantees in Karnataka. We will implement Six Guarantees in Telangana if voted to power,” he said.

Questioning his contribution to the development of Telangana, Rahul Gandhi accused Rao of looting crores of rupees in Hyderabad, which the Congress developed as a global city and turned it into an IT hub.

“I am surprised that Narendra Modi and Chandrashekar Rao speak on the same lines. Modi asks what Congress did? KCR also asks what Congress did? Whenever Modi needs support in Lok Sabha, KCR helps him. Be it GST, demonetisation, or farm laws, KCR supported Modi in Lok Sabha,” the Congress leader said.

“There is also a third player. That is MIM. They contest wherever Congress fights against the BJP with an aim to benefit the BJP. Now, all these three parties came together to defeat Congress in Telangana.”

Claiming that people had undergone ‘Dorala Telangana (rule of feudal lords) under the BRS regime, he appealed to voters to bring ‘Prajala Telangana (people's state)’ by electing the Congress.

Rahul Gandhi stated that Congress’s goal was to defeat the BRS in Telangana and the BJP at the national level. He said that the Congress government would defend farmers’ interests.

He took a dig at the BJP for declaring that it would make a BC community leader the Chief Minister if it was voted to power. “Let them secure at least two per cent vote share in Telangana first. They can talk about making CMs later,” Rahul Gandhi said.


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