369 file nominations on last day in East Godavari District

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East Godavari has highest number of Assembly segments.

District collector Karthikeya Misra

Kakinada: Around 319 candidates for 19 Assembly segments and 50 for three Lok Sabha seats in East Godavari District filed their nominations on the last day on Monday.

On Monday, 24 candidates filed their nominations for three LS seats-Rajahmundry, Kakinada and Amalapuram. 21 nominations were filed for Tuni, 16 for Prath-ipadu, 13 for Pithap-uram, 20 for Kakinada Rural, 14 for Pedda-puram, 17 for Anaparthi, 19 for Kakinada City, 17 for Ramachandrapuram, 16 for Mumidivaram, 13 for Amalapuram, 15 for Razole, 18 for Ganna-varam, 15 for Kothapet, 15 for Mandapet, 18 for Rajanagaram, 15 for Rajahmundry Urban, 18 for Rajahmundry Rural, 18 for Jaggampet and 21 for Rampachodavaram.

District collector Karthikeya Misra said that the scrutiny of the application will be held on March 26 and the candidates may withdraw their nominations within 3 p.m. on March 28.

Meanwhile, on the last day, many of the candidates filed the nominations in Kakinada and also in Peddapuram constituency.

The police failed to regulate the processions of the candidate and as a result, traffic was held up for hours together. The people expressed their anger at the political parties, especially to ruling Telugu Desam. The passengers of all vehicles, including RTC buses, faced inconvenience for three hours.

They said that the police should specify a route for political party processions, to avoid inconvenience to the people. However, the police officials commented that the passengers should be patient for one day. Kakinada MLA Vana-madi Venkateswara Rao filed their nominations on Monday, followed by a large procession.