Lokesh's lies exposed about Amit Shah meeting in Delhi

Update: 2023-10-25 03:08 GMT

Vijayawada: Water resources minister Ambati Rambabu has said Nara Lokesh’s “lies” were exposed via a statement from Union minister G. Kishan Reddy about the TD leader’s meeting with Union home minister Amit Shah.

“Lokesh claimed that he was called by Amit Shah for discussions but Kishan Reddy stated that Lokesh repeatedly sought a meeting with the home minister. Amit Shah agreed for the meeting after many requests,” he said.

Rambabu said Pawan has been working for Chandrababu Naidu and “PK once again proved that he is a Package Star.” Regarding the Lokesh - PK meeting, the minister said, “Zero + Zeros is a big Zero.”

The minister said, “When did Pawan Kalyan break up with the TD? Jana Sena is a party floated for Chandrababu. There are Narakasuras on this Telugu land in the form of Chandrababu's fans.”

He asked Pawan Kalyan, “Do you have an understanding of the systems? Courts decide whether to grant bail or not. You are unnecessarily blaming the chief minister for the jailing of Naidu. When arrests were made during Kapu reservation struggle during the TD term, those arrests were legal. But when it comes to  the Skill Scam case, Naidu’s arrest is ‘illegal’. Why?”



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