Kurnool: Dissidents a headache for TD and YSRC in Kurnool

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While S.P.Y Reddy is contesting from Nandyal LS seat, Sreedhar Reddy is fighting for Nandyal Assembly.

Union minister Sujana Chowdary

Kurnool: With nominations from candidates of most of the major parties filed in most of the constituencies in Kurnool, battle lines are clearly drawn.

Dissidents who could not get ticket from their political parties like TD and YSRCP, however, opted to file their nominations on behalf of parties like Jana Sena giving jitters to their earlier political parties.

Nandyal MP S.P.Y. Reddy and his son-in-law Sajjala Sreedhar Reddy opted to fight the election under the banner of Jana Sena after they failed to get their party ticket.

While S.P.Y Reddy is contesting from Nandyal LS seat, Sreedhar Reddy is fighting for Nandyal Assembly. The combinations has upset the winning chances of ruilng TD candidate Bhuma Bramhananda Reddy.

Sreedhar Reddy has inherent advantage of committed cadre and good relations with people from the constituency. The fight has narrowed down between YSRC Silpa Ravi Chandra Reddy and Sreedhar Reddy, said  Shankarayya, a local leader. He said Sreedhar has no track record of "extortions" and was generally being perceived as people-friendly with his S.P.Y. Reddy's  substantial work done in Nandyal, he is there to give a solid fight to YSRC candidate, he said.

Meanwhile,  there was intense pressure from TD trouble shooters to see that S.P.Y. Reddy and his son-in-law were persuaded to withdraw their nominations. But this was a hard ball game as the Reddy family was seething with anger that they were ditched by TD after promising them ticket for Nandyal-either MP or MLA.

TD senior leader Sujana Chowdary, Kala Venkata Rao and others were said to be making backroom dealings to "satisfy" the Reddy family. A source who is in the know of the happenings said that S.P.Y. Reddy-run companies had borrowed huge amounts of money from State Finance Corporation. Though there was a demand  to pay, they were unable to make the payments. The loans which were disbursed from Kurnool branch of State Finance Corporation were thrown as "bait" to calm down the Reddy family. It is learnt that the chief manager of the  State Finance Corporation himself  brokered the deal with the party bosses and a "workable solution" was being offered. If this happens, S.P.Y Reddy family may look at the possibility of withdrawing from the race.

"If they are in race, there was no deal. If they withdraw nominations, it should be read as a "deal was worked out to satisfy the beleaguered leader" the  source said.