Owaisi dismisses INDI Alliance, calls it a group of \'chaudaris\'

Update: 2023-10-21 18:31 GMT

 Hyderabad: The MIM on Saturday declared that it doesn’t matter that the ‘INDI Alliance’ did not invite it to join up. MIM president Asaduddin Owaisi said that the alliance was “an elite club of secularism ‘Chaudaris’ and in this only ‘big people’ sit. People like us are not needed and neither do we have any interest in being in a group like that.”

Addressing mediapersons in Jaipur, where he was campaigning for his party which is contesting in three seats, Owaisi said “we are contesting for the first time in Rajasthan but we are going to work hard to overcome any deficiencies from our side.”

Later, addressing a public meeting, he said the MIM worked for the people who voted for it. In Telangana, he said, the MIM had sought 100 acres for a graveyard for Muslims and got it from the state government, just as it sought protecting the Wakf Board and its properties which too has been done.


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