BJP like a \'class bully\', respects no one: Rahul Gandhi

Update: 2023-02-22 09:58 GMT
Rahul Gandhi addressing a poll rally in Shillong on Wednesday. (Photo: ANI)

SHILLONG: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday alleged that the BJP was like a "class bully" that respects no one as it thinks that it knows everything.

Addressing a poll rally in Shillong, Gandhi also attacked the TMC, alleging that the party was fighting the elections in Meghalaya to ensure that the BJP comes to power in the northeastern state.

"The BJP-RSS is like a class bully who thinks he knows everything, understands everything and has no respect for anybody else. We have to fight them collectively," he said.

He said the Congress would not let the BJP harm Meghalaya's language, culture and history.

Pointing to the traditional jacket he was wearing, Gandhi told the rally, "I am wearing it as a sign of respect for your culture and tradition. My actions reflect this jacket. But, if I was to come here, as the prime minister does, put on this jacket and attack your religion, culture, history and language -- I would be insulting you."

In the same breath, Gandhi also attacked the Mamata Banerjee-led TMC, raising the incidents of violence and scams in West Bengal.

"You know the history of the TMC -- the violence and scams that take place in West Bengal. You are aware of their tradition. They spent a huge amount of money in Goa (polls) and the idea was to help the BJP. That is exactly the idea in Meghalaya. The TMC's idea in Meghalaya is to ensure that the BJP is strengthened and come to power," he alleged.

Gandhi also alleged that Conrad K Sangma-led MDA government in the state was involved in corruption.

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