Commenting on BCs and SCs in derogatory language is a routine for TD: Minister Roja

Update: 2023-03-21 19:15 GMT
Tourism minister R.K. Roja (Image

TIRUPATI: Tourism minister R.K. Roja has condemned the attack on Speaker Tammineni Sitaram and Dalit MLAs in the AP Assembly by Telugu Desam members, saying, “It is routine for Chandrababu Naidu and his men to comment on BCs and SCs in a derogatory language and “use caste names for political gain.”

Speaking to the media at the Collectorate here on Tuesday, Roja said the TD was maddened by the arrogance of winning three MLC seats. “TD leaders behave disrespectfully with the Speaker, who belongs to a backward social segment. They are tossing and tearing away documents and pointing banners at his face on a regular basis as per Naidu's plot. They must be given harsh punishment,” she said.

“Under Naidu's orders, TD MLAs threw the decorum of the house to the wind and are trying to obstruct legislative business on a regular basis. Adjournment resolutions should be granted in the house on public matters, but what is the justification for creating an unnecessary ruckus on GO-1 and on Jagan's Delhi tour,” she asked.

Roja recalled that the TD had won the MLC elections in 2007 too, but it was YS Rajasekhara Reddy who ascended to power in 2009. “The same thing will happen again.”

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