KCR backing Bandi to defeat Etala: Ponnam

Update: 2023-06-19 20:37 GMT

KARIMNAGAR: Senior Congress leader and former MP Ponnam Prabhakar said that Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao gave Bandi Sanjay publicity by arresting him to politically suppress Etala Rajanedar, in Karimnagar on Monday. He also allegedly provided funding for his Padayatra through the minister Gangula Kamalakar.

The Congress leader said, “The BJP did not even get 2,000 votes in the by-elections held in Huzurnagar in 2018 if BJP fielded another candidate rather than Eatala Rajendar.”  He said that Bandi Sanjay Kumar and BRS minister Gangula Kamalakar agreed not to run against one another in the elections because of their close relationships. He claimed that both were stealing public funds under the pretence of beginning development projects.

“How is it possible that Bandi Sanjay will maintain every programme started by the BRS government? Why the BJP administration is not criticising the failings of the BRS government and why Bandi Sanjay is not saying without hesitation when the BJP government is going to arrest Kavitha in the liquor scam.”

He said that there was also an arrangement within the BJP and BRS parties. Both parties are working together in a plot to undermine the Congress. Except for 30 seats in the next Assembly elections, the BJP cannot even obtain deposits.


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