It is Centre, not TS, that is pro-farmers: Kishan

Update: 2023-05-20 18:45 GMT
Union minister Kishan Reddy stated that the BRS government was employing the police to intimidate BJP leaders and workers. (Photo: @kishanreddybjp)

HYDERABAD: The BJP government at the Centre was committed to the welfare of farmers unlike the BRS-led Telangana government, said Union minister G. Kishan Reddy on Saturday.

Speaking with reporters in Mahbubnagar, he said that the state government says it is giving Rs 10,000 to farmers every year and thereby claims it is doing a great favour for them.

“The fact is that the state government has neglected farmers by not extending crop insurance schemes or giving compensation for crop losses except making promises that it will. On the other hand, the Centre provides up to '18,254 per acre in fertilizer subsidies alone for each acre on an average. It is the Centre that is giving remunerative prices for crops and crop insurance, which was rejected by the Telangana government,” he said.

Reddy said that in the last nine years Prime Minister Narendra Modi resolved long-pending issues, including scrapping of Article 370 and integrating Jammu & Kashmir fully with the rest of India, the Ram Janmabhoomi issue that was solved peacefully, as well as ensuring that triple talaq practice ended giving great relief to Muslim women have been other landmark decisions of the Modi-led Union government, he said.

Before 2014, India was struggling to find its place globally. Today, India has emerged as a nation of importance, its voice matters on global issues and the country is also emerging as a financial powerhouse, he said.


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