Narayankhed Lacks Water and Jobs, Says Bandi

Update: 2023-11-19 13:29 GMT
Lok Sabha member and BJP national general secretary Bandi Sanjay Kumar. (Image: Y. Radhakrishna)

Hyderabad: Lok Sabha member and BJP national general secretary Bandi Sanjay Kumar expressed dismay that Narayankhed, which has Manjeera, Singur, Nizamsagar and Nallavagu, on its four sides, suffers from lack of water and jobs. He wondered why they had to rely on rainwater and raise only dry crops.

Addressing a road show in Narayankhed in support of their candidate Sangappa, he said, “Narayankhed is a victim of one-upmanship between two families and wondered how they are putting up with it. Did they give you even basic things like roads, water and factories? Are we living in a democracy?” he wondered. He said that the state has been rendered bankrupt by BRS and even a just born child has '1.50 lakh debt."   

Batting for the candidature of Sangappa, he opined that he was a person of strong will power and had fought for the development of Narayankhed by bringing its issues to the forefront when he was in the media.

“He gave me good suggestions when I was on my to praja sangrama yatra. You have nothing to fear. I and Prime Minister Modi are behind Sangappa. It’s time for the people to decide on which side they would stand. Whether you would want your children to be poor and turn into manual labourers with a life of servitude is for the people to decide,” he said.

The Congress party did not win in any of the elections recently and did not even get deposits. If Congress party is brought in place of BRS it would prove to be a disastrous choice as they are worse than them.

“All surveys are pointing towards the victory of Sangappa. If Sangappa wins, we will see to it that the Adilabad-Patancheru railway line which traverses via Narayankhed is laid. We will make Narayankhed an industrial hub and provide jobs,” Sanjay said.

The Lingayat and Aryamaratha communities will be included in the OBC list shortly and Modi will make the announcement soon, he said.


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