Indiramma Rajyam known for starvation deaths, encounters and communal riots: KCR

Rao warned that if the Congress came to power, Telangana would turn into a desert

Update: 2023-11-19 17:09 GMT
Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao warned that if the Congress came to power, Telangana would turn into a desert.(Image:Twitter)

Mahabubnagar: Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao on Sunday attacked Congress’ aim to bring back ‘Indiramma Rajyam (Indira Gandhi-style governance)’, saying the period was reminiscent of starvation deaths, encounter killings, communal riots, neglect of the poor and public robbery.

Rao warned that if the Congress came to power, Telangana would turn into a desert. “We have strived hard to rebuild Telangana for the past 10 years. If Congress is voted to power, all efforts will turn futile,” he said.

“The misrule during Indiramma Rajyam paved the way for N.T. Rama Rao to set up the Telugu Desam and rescue people from starvation, with the Rs 2 per kg subsidy rice scheme,” Rao said, addressing Praja Ashirvada Sabha meetings in Alampur, Kollapur, Nagarkurnool, and Kalwakurthy Assembly constituencies. Sunday, incidentally, was the birth anniversary of the late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi

Rao said: “Voters should not be ‘Howla Posigallu (fools)’ in casting their votes. These are not ordinary elections, it is a battle of life for the people of Telangana. A Congress rule will bring back the ‘middlemen raj’ and corruption.”

Rao attacked Rahul Gandhi, questioning why he was intent on “putting crowns of thorns” on the electorate, citing the party’s opposition to the Dharani portal, Rythu Bandhu aid, and 24-hour power supply.

“TPCC president A. Revanth Reddy, who was born in Mahbubnagar district, wants a three-hour power supply and asks farmers to set up 10 HP motors. CLP leader Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka and former PCC president N. Uttam Kumar Reddy are opposing farmer welfare activities,” Rao said.

Questioning the public, rhetorically, and asking them to raise their hands if they wanted 24-hour power to continue, Rao urged them to elect BRS MLAs to continue the integrated development of Telangana, including continuation of the Rs 16-per-acre Rythu Bandhu and round-the-clock power.

Reiterating that Prime Minister Narendra Modi pressurised the state government to attach electricity meters to 30 lakh pump sets, Rao said: “PM bluntly stopped Rs 25 crore financial aid to Telangana state, citing that his orders on electricity meters for agriculture pump sets were not followed.”

Rao said that the condition of Telangana in undivided Andhra Pradesh “was pathetic” when he was Mahbubnagar MP during the statehood struggle.

Rao said that goons and factionists should not be elected in polls, and urged the public to protect democracy. “Right to vote is a powerful weapon in the hands of people and it would decide your fate for five years. Undivided Mahbubnagar district was known for migrations, but now, it has transformed its look from a drought-hit region to one full of greenery,” he said.


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