Congress will fulfil Telangana people's aspirations: Priyanka Gandhi

She promised to waive off loans of over 2 lakh farmers after coming to power

Update: 2023-11-19 11:31 GMT
AICC General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra addresses a public meeting ahead of Karnataka Assembly elections, in Moodbidri, Sunday, May 7, 2023. (PTI Photo)

Adilabad: Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra urged the electorate in Telangana to give one chance to the Congress and said that the party will show you what development actually means.

She was addressing a public meeting at Khanapur in Nirmal district, held as part of the Congress Vijayabheri this afternoon.

She promised to waive off loans of over 2 lakh farmers after coming to power. Under the BRS rule, the aspirations of Telangana people had not been fulfilled even when separate state was carved out, she said. She slammed BRS president and Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao for failing to generate employment for the youth in the state, while ensuring plum jobs to all his family members.

The highlights of Priyanka’s speech

Forty years after the demise of Indira Gandhi, she is remembered for her heartfelt work. She was an MP from Andra Pradesh at the time of her passing, she allocated 7 lakh acres with patta to the poor during her period.

Indira Gandhi established the Integrated Tribal Development Agency and Tribal Sub Plan, constructing numerous houses and empowering people with electricity on their own land.

Indira emphasized the importance of our cultural heritage, leading to the introduction of the Forest Act for the Tribals.

The Congress, rooted in Mahatma Gandhi's principles, is committed to addressing people's issues. Sonia Gandhi, during her presidency, considered and worked towards the demands for a separate state and jobs.

As Telangana marks a decade under the BRS government, are your dreams fulfilled? Has the government provided jobs and propelled the state forward?

Do you believe your children's future will thrive under this government?

Despite a decade of voting, promises remain unfulfilled, and unemployment in the state is high. In contrast, Congress-led Chhattisgarh boasts a lower unemployment rate.

Rajasthan, under Congress rule, has committed to creating jobs, with 2 lakh allocated and 1 lakh in progress.

As a Congress party worker, we campaign on a development basis, fulfilling promises made in every state.

KCR focuses on criticizing other governments but fails to showcase his achievements in Telangana during his 10 years in power.

Promises of government jobs and land allocations seem unmet, benefiting the rich and powerful.

Congress pledges a transparent job calendar, reducing stress for students and ensuring timely exam results and job placements.

Commitment echoes in Rajasthan with 2 lakh jobs; the same commitment extends to Telangana.

Congress promises a job for those who sacrificed their lives during the Telangana protests.

Nationwide, farmers are discontented. Congress has waived off loans in two states and pledges to do the same in Telangana.

Farmers' suicides in the state are alarming, attributed to rising costs under the central government. Congress guarantees MSP and vows to address farmers' concerns.

Congress commits to refunding money spent by the people through taxes.

Kalleshwaram and Mission Bhagiratha involve questionable commissions, raising concerns about the use of public funds.

Scams in various departments, including land, sand, mine and liquor, highlight corruption. The Congress emphasizes the importance of electing representatives true to the people's mandate.

PM Narendra Modi's selective focus on commissions raises questions, and Congress urges voters to consider the ongoing scams.

Congress cautions against the alliance of BJP, BRS, and MIM, urging voters to make an informed choice by consulting people in Congress-ruled states.

Congress emphasizes its commitment to promptly implementing guarantees, citing successful examples from Chattisgarh, Himachal, and Karnataka.

Priyanka Gandhi introduces six guarantees, emphasizing accountability and learning from mistakes, a trait exemplified by Indira Gandhi.


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