BRS, BJP, AIMIM Working Together Against Cong: Revanth

Update: 2023-09-17 07:36 GMT
Telangana PCC chief A. Revanth Reddy. (DC File Photo)

Hyderabad: The opening of PRLIS (Palamuru Rangareddy Lift Irrigation Scheme) is just a distraction; he has started just one of the 31 pumps that are to be installed as part of the project.

The three parties BRS, BJP and the AIMIM are conspiring against the Congress party and are creating many hurdles for the Congress party's public meetings. There are no restrictions for the Amit Shah meeting, BRS and AIMIM which are happening on the same day. But they have imposed a restriction of 10,000 members for our meeting, said TPCC president A. Revanth Reddy.

Are we bringing people by paying them money? They are coming on their volition by bearing the expenses. How can we control them if they choose to come in lakhs? They imposed such restrictions in Khammam but failed to stop the people coming in hordes, he said.

While the BJP has some direct friends there are those like BRS and AIMIM who are its indirect friends. Sonia gave Telangana despite the political risks in Andhra Pradesh. The BRS supported all bills introduced by the BJP in Parliament. The corruption of BRS has extended to Delhi now and having been exposed the BRS is now thinking of allowing the arrest of Kavita for two months to gain mileage in the assembly elections, Revanth said.

Questioning the absence of probe against the BRS, he said, "All parties in the country have faced probes by the ED but the KCR family has been exempt. Why is no probe happening on the corruption of BRS? There are my own petitions pending with various agencies about their graft. Sonia and Rahul were also called for probe during corona time but not KCR's family. BRS is paying protection money to the BJP to evade arrests."

On Kavita batting for the women's reservation bill, Revanth said,"The Women's Reservation Bill is the brainchild of Sonia Gandhi. Rajiv Gandhi implemented reservations for women and OBCs in local body elections. When Kavitha was an MP, she never spoke about the Women's Reservation Bill. Sonia Gandhi, as UPA Chairperson, introduced the Women's Reservation Bill in Parliament. We ask the BRS MPs to observe a 5-day Deeksha in Delhi during the Parliament session. Then we will express our support."

On the filing of cases by opposition leaders and citing it as the reason for delay in implementation of PRLIS by KCR, Revanth said,"Beeram Harsha Vardhan Reddy who filed cases is with them as an MLA now. KCR had himself got cases filed on the project to delay it. KCR has not completed a single project. There are no canals for taking water to the fields. He has spent more money on advertisements than addressing the problems of the people."

Our leaders will visit the 115 constituencies after the meeting to explain the charge sheet that we are filing against the BRS. Sonia will lay the foundation stone for Rajiv Knowledge centre from the rally, he said.

The CWC meetings have heralded many historical decisions in the country even during the freedom movement. Non cooperation movement, quit India movement decisions were taken in the CWC then and hold primacy in giving directions to the party. The guarantees from the leaders will be taken to the people in the form of guarantee cards on September 18th. I appeal to the secular people of the country to realize that a vote for BRS comes in handy for the BJP in supporting the BJP at the centre, said CLP leader Bhatti Vikramarka.


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