Aruna blasts KCR, calls him a 'jhutakor'

Update: 2023-09-16 19:52 GMT
BJP national vice-president D.K. Aruna said that the recent Assembly elections have proved that people prefer to vote for development and nationalism. This spirit has given the party a thumping majority in three states. .(DC)

 HYDERABAD:An angry BJP national vice-president D.K. Aruna on Saturday lit into Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao calling him “a liar, a cheat who drove people and farmers of Palamuru region into despair”.

Aruna’s outburst came after Chandrashekar Rao referred to her as a “BJP vice president who is ‘useless’ and ‘goes around making tall claims’,  during his public meeting at Kollapur after he inaugurated the Palamuru Rangareddy Lift Irrigation Scheme.

Addressing a late night press conference at the BJP state headquarters, Aruna called the Chief Minister a “jhutakor (habitual liar)”,  said, “It is you KCR who changed the PRLIS designs so you can get commissions from the redesigned project. You signed a document at a meeting in Delhi called by the Centre agreeing to a share of 299 TMC of Krishna water while our share was actually 566 TMC. You promised that you will make Rayalaseema into a Ratanalaseema and allowed the AP government to complete Pothireddypadu and Sangameswara projects and using water from the river that should come to Telangana.”

Asking “who is the cheat now?” Aruna said, “AP got a share of 512 TMC and today they are using 648 TMC of Krishna water. Why are you not able to stop them from doing so? You come to Palamuru and say what you please acting like a Turrum Khan. If you have any shame at all, then explain why you are claiming PRLIS is inaugurated by just switching on one of the 31 pumps. You haven’t even called for tenders for the canal works. In what way is PRLIS ready?”

Aruna said if “you KCR have any shame, then release a white paper on PRLIS status. It is I who fought for various irrigation projects in Palamuru. You did nothing but lie, cheat people of the region and now have gone there because elections are looming.”


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