Fight from Mahbubnagar, Jithender urges PM Modi

Update: 2023-01-17 18:12 GMT
PM Modi hears Mahbubnagar former MP A.P. Jithender Reddy's request to contest the Lok Sabha elections from Telangana, as BJP president J.P. Nadda listens in on the sidelines of the BJP national executive committee meeting in New Delhi. BJP core committee member and former MP G. Vivek Venkatswamy watches from a distance. (Photo: DC)

Hyderabad: The efforts to explore the possibility of Prime Minister Narendra Modi contesting the next Lok Sabha elections from moved one step forward with former MP and senior BJP leader A,P, Jithender Reddy making this request in person.

Jithender Reddy, who met Modi on the sidelines of the two-day BJP national executive meeting in New Delhi, handed over a letter requesting the Prime Minister to consider contesting the 2024 Parliament elections from Mahbubnagar.

BJP president J.P. Nadda, was present during Jithender Reddys interaction with Modi. Also present was former MP and BJP core committee member G. Vivek Venkatswamy.

Jithender Reddy said that the Prime Minister, upon receiving the letter, responded asking if he was being asked to move from Varanasi. “I requested him to consider contesting from Telangana which would mean development of not just the constituency he will contest and win from, but also that of the state,” Jithender Reddy told Deccan Chronicle.

“I also informed him that a survey was conducted in the constituency, which I represented twice, and that the survey showed good tidings for Mr Modi if he contests from there,” he said.

The Prime Minister then had a quick word with Nadda on the issue, who in turn responded that the party would take an appropriate decision on the matter.

“If the Prime Minister contests from Telangana, the people of the state will have increased levels of faith in the BJP that a BJP government will ensure much-needed all round development of the state,” Jithender Reddy said.

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