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YSRC and TD Clash at Narasaraopet


Published on: July 16, 2023 | Updated on: July 16, 2023

YSR Congress MLA Dr. Gopireddy Srinivasa Reddy (Image credit: Youtube)

VIJAYAWADA: The ruling YSRC and opposition Telugu Desam leaders and cadres clashed with each other with sticks at Narasaraopet and further pelted stones, which injured a few people on Sunday evening. The police rushed to the spot, dispersed the mobs, and controlled the situation.

According to the reports, TD spokesperson Challa Subba Rao occupied the house of a trader who failed to repay the loan amounts. Other financers who also gave loans to the trader came to the house with the support of YSRC activists and asked to pay back their loans. The TD activists have carried out attacks on YSRC cadres with sticks and stones. Hence, the ruling party activists retaliated in the same manner.

Knowing the clash, Narasaraopet MLA Dr Gopireddy Srinivas Reddy rushed to the spot and further TD incharge Dr Chadalawada Arvind Babu came to the spot, which increased tension. TD activists allegedly carried out an attack on the vehicles of the YSRC, and the ruling party also retaliated by damaging one car. The police forcibly dispersed the two groups and controlled the situation. The leaders of YSRC and TD levelled allegations against each other, and the police started the investigation.