Remove mosques located near temples: UP minister

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UP Fisheries minister Sanjay Nishad. (Photo: ANI)

BAGHPAT: UP's Fisheries minister Sanjay Nishad has called for removal of all mosques located near temples.

Speaking to reporters here on Wednesday, Nishad said a religious frenzy has spread in India, and the mosques, which are located near temples, should be removed.

On the survey of madarassas in the state, Nishad said that madarssas have been found to have been connected with terrorism, and terrorists have been caught from there a number of times.

Hence, the Muslim religious leaders should support the survey of madarassas to clear their image, he suggested.

He also accused the opposition of spreading a religious frenzy and triggering riots in association with the 'maulanas'.

Despite that, incidents of riots have come down since the Yogi Adityanath government has come to power in Uttar Pradesh and Narendra Modi at the Centre, he said.

The Nishad party leader also said that the 'maulanas' have increased the poverty in the country, and it is because of them that Muslim children are deprived of education.

Nishad added that the 'maulanas' do not want Muslim children to be educated and become aware.