Jeevan seeks whereabouts of KTR in TS agitation

Update: 2023-09-13 21:38 GMT
Senior Congress leader and MLC T. Jeevan Reddy. (DC Image)

 Hyderabad: "Where was K.T. Rama Rao during the Telangana agitation? He and Kavitha came to the country from the US only after K. Chandrashekar Rao became a minister in the Central cabinet in the UPA government," MLC T. Jeevan Reddy pointed out.

Jeevan Reddy found fault with Rama Rao for discussing the Telangana movement, asking, "Where were you during the 2004 general elections, and what were you doing in the US at that time? There are many in the state who can attest to KTR's statements about KCR taking up the Telangana issue unnecessarily. We granted Telangana despite knowing that we would lose politically in Andhra Pradesh."

He insisted that Rama Rao should first take an oath on Telangana 'talli' (mother) and declare that they won't distribute money during the elections. Jeevan Reddy criticised the BRS government for not constructing a single double bedroom and delivering them during their second term. He accused Rama Rao of being solely focused on winning the polls and questioned why funds were not being released for the Dalit Bandhu programme. Jeevan Reddy noted that schemes like Dalit Bandhu, BC Bandhu, and double bedroom houses were only being offered to those who joined the BRS, raising doubts about the foresight that KTR had mentioned.

He also criticised the district collectors, claiming that they had become subservient to the BRS. He questioned how they could select beneficiaries without accepting applications from the people. Jeevan Reddy asserted that the BRS and BJP were two sides of the same coin and accused Chandrashekar Rao of trying to confuse the public regarding the election dates, suggesting that Rama Rao's statements were part of that strategy.


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