What is the share of BRS govt. in construction of RoB in Karimnagar, asks Bandi

Update: 2023-07-12 20:49 GMT
BJP state President Bandi Sanjay addressed the preparatory meeting for the prime minister 'Vijaya Sankalpa Sabha' which will be held on July 8th at Hanumakonda. (Image: By Arrangement)

KARIMNAGAR: Karimnagar MP Bandi Sanjay Kumar has welcomed the move of the state government to lay foundation stone for construction of a Road over Bridge (RoB) on the railway crossing at Theegalaguttapalli in Karimnagar district.

Sanjay expressed his irritation over the state government ignoring protocol and not inviting him, the Karimnagar MP, for the event.

In a statement here on Wednesday, the former chief of the state BJP asked the BRS party leaders to explain to the people what contributions they made in getting the central sanction for the RoB and what would be the share of the state government in the RoB project at Theegalaguttapalli.

Sanjay said that in 2020, an agreement had been made between the state and central governments for construction of an RoB at Theegalaguttapalli. The state was to bear 80 per cent share of the expense and the central government 20 per cent.

Estimating the cost involved in the construction works of RoB at around '100 crore, the central government asked the state to sanction its share of '80 crore so as to start the works. But the state government informed the central government that it cannot pay its share as the Centre had brought in a new policy for RoB constructions for the entire country.

“Following this, I took the initiative and got the central government to sanction '100 crore for the RoB,” Bandi Sanjay said.

The MP said he intervened after learning that the people of the surrounding villages faced a lot of problems in crossing the railway level cross at Theegalaguttapalli.

Yet, the state government and BRS party leaders are not inviting him to the foundation- laying event, he said.

Sanjay alleged that even after the Centre sanctioned the full amount eight months back, the state government delayed the start of the construction works.

If the BRS leaders are capable of pushing the developmental works, then why are they not able get funds for the four-lane road works from Karimnagar to Warangal, Karimnagat to Jagtial and Elkaturthy to Siddipet for the past eight years, and why they are not able to get funds for development of the Karimnagar railway station, he asked.


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