Can’t blame me for Hyderabad Karnataka region’s plight, says Mallikarjun Kharge

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The Congress leader underscored the need for the workers to make a concerted effort to ensure his victory.

Congress leader M Mallikarjun Kharge

Kalaburagi: Clearly stung by the recent comments of former Chief Secretary, K Rathna Prabha on the backwardness of Hyderabad Karnataka, despite his close association with it for years, veteran Congress leader, Mallikarjun Kharge shot back on Friday, “Have I been a Chief Minister for five decades?”

Addressing Congress party workers here, Mr Kharge wondered how he could be held responsible for the backwardness of the H-K region. “She has not properly understood things. Have I been the Chief Minister for over 50 years?” he asked.

Attacking BJP leaders, Mr Kharge said although a legislator of the party was going around spreading rumours about the properties that he allegedly owned, he preferred to remain silent, "because I'm not in the habit of wantonly picking a fight. I'll pay back in the same coins at an appropriate time."

The Congress leader underscored the need for the workers to  make a concerted effort to ensure his victory. "You must work unitedly the way you did when electing Mr Siddaramaiah Chief Minister," he said.

Earlier, addressing a rally in Pattan village, Mr Kharge took objection to Congress leaders, who quit the party accusing him of denying them the opportunity to become ministers. "I lost the bus for the Chief Minister's post thrice. Did I ever complain publicly? I remained loyal to the party and have continued serving it. And these leaders have now joined a party whose avowed objective is to change the Constitution. How can these men, who have themselves tasted defeat, succeed in their design to defeat me?" he asked derisively.

Maintaining that his performance had led to his victory 11 times consecutively, Mr Kharge appealed to the people to elect him one more time to help him accomplish the work he wanted to. “My work silenced  Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who did not say one thing against me when he visited Kalaburagi recently. What can his chelas do to me?" he said with sarcasm.

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