YSRC policies are anti-Dalit, says BJP SC Morcha

Update: 2022-10-12 19:50 GMT
BJP MP Bhola Singh called upon Dalits in Andhra Pradesh to dethrone ruling YSR Congress (Photo: Twitter/Representational)

VIJAYAWADA: BJP SC Morcha national general secretary Bhola Singh, MP, has called upon Dalits in Andhra Pradesh to dethrone ruling YSR Congress for adopting anti-Dalit and anti-people policies in the state.

Speaking to reporters after attending the state executive committee meeting of BJP SC Morcha here on Wednesday, he declared that a discussion is going on nation-wide about YSR Congress government’s anti-people policies in AP. This is because people, especially Dalits, are unhappy because of anarchy and corruption going on in the state during the last three and half years.

Bhola Singh maintained that a large number of Dalits are languishing in poverty in Andhra Pradesh, as welfare schemes intended for them have been stopped. Further, 500 cases have been booked against Dalits who questioned the government’s anti-Dalit policies.

The BJP leader said there is no protection for women in AP and they are being subjected to rapes and physical assaults. Properties of some of them have even been looted.

He stated that Dalits in the state are living in fear. They can get over their fear once they defeat the YSR Congress in the assembly general elections scheduled in the state in 2024.

Bhola Singh described Prime Minister Narendra Modi as Dalit Bandhu. He listed out a series of welfare schemes initiated by the BJP-led NDA government in the country. He called upon SC Morcha leaders and activists to educate Dalits about these schemes, so that they can benefit from them.

BJP SC Morcha AP president Gudise Devanand vowed to dethrone YSR Congress government in the next assembly polls in Andhra Pradesh.

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