Narendra Modi thanked women, youth and first-time voters for the party’s win

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The results of the Assembly polls of the five states were declared on Thursday

Prime Minister Narendra Modi being garlanded by BJP leaders at the BJP Headquarters following the party's win in Assembly elections of Uttar Pradesh and other states, in New Delhi. (PTI)

New Delhi: Hailing the BJP’s victory in four states -- Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Goa and Manipur, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday thanked women, youth and first-time voters for the party’s win and appreciated the hard work of the party’s cadre, especially those working in “adverse conditions” in Punjab. The results of the Assembly polls of the five states were declared on Thursday. The PM said the results “give a glimpse” of the 2024 Lok Sabha poll results.

“BJP workers had promised me that Holi will begin from March 10 and they have kept their promise,” said the PM, while addressing the party workers and supporters at the BJP headquarters here.

He also took on those who blame the independent agencies, who are fighting against corruption, and also pressure these agencies through their “ecosystem”. The PM also criticised those giving communal colour to action by these agencies against corruption. Saying that the results were a “stamp of approval” by voters of the BJP’s “pro-poor and proactive governance”, the PM noted that despite being in power in three states -- UP, Uttarakhand and Manipur -- the party increased its vote share and emerged as the single largest party in the fourth state, Goa. Asking “political gyanis” (political analysts) who “claimed” in 2019 that the 2017 UP election results had decided the 2019 parliamentary verdict, Mr Modi said the same should now be said about the 2024 Lok Sabha polls by these analysts. He said those who claim that only caste plays a role in UP were insulting the state as since 2014 it had only voted for development-based politics. He also predicted that the day will come when the people will bring an end to dynastic politics in the country.

“Today is a day to celebrate, it is a festive day. I thank all those voters who participated in the election process. I am grateful for their decision (to vote for the BJP). The way our mothers, sisters, youth supported the BJP wholeheartedly, it in itself is a big message. I am satisfied with the way first-time voters participated and made sure that the BJP wins,” said the PM, addressing the massive gathering of party cadre and supporters at the BJP headquarters. BJP president J.P. Nadda, and Union ministers Amit Shah, Rajnath Singh, Nitin Gadkari and Smriti Irani were among the party leaders who were also present.

Mr Modi said while UP has given many PMs, it was for the first time that the state has given another chance to an incumbent CM and another chance to a party after 37 years. The PM also mentioned Uttarakhand, where the BJP has retained power. Ever since its creation, the hill state had been bringing to power the BJP and the Congress alternately. He said in Goa the exit polls had proved wrong and the people of the state had given another chance to the party.

Hailing the efforts of the BJP cadre, the PM said it was their effort which won the hearts of voters and made the BJP-led NDA’s victory certain. He said that in Punjab, the BJP had started emerging as a force and, being a border state, the BJP workers will continue to work to keep the state safe from separatist forces.