Priyanka peps up TS Congress' poll campaign

Massive public meeting in Hyderabad ups Congress mood

Update: 2023-05-08 19:19 GMT

Hyderabad: She came, saw, smiled, waved, spoke and won hearts.

Addressing at her maiden public meeting in Telangana since its formation, All India Congress Committee general secretary Priyanka Gandhi-Vadra, while releasing the party’s Hyderabad Declaration for Youth at the Saroornagar stadium here along with TPCC president A. Revanth Reddy and the pantheon of state party leadership, promised an electric scooter to every woman pursuing studies and above the age of 18 years.

Making five promises as part of the Hyderabad Youth Declaration, on lines similar to the Farmers’ Declaration made in Warangal, Priyanka called upon the youth to choose properly in the next elections so that they don’t lose out on achieving the dreams for which over 1,200 Telangana martyrs fought and gave up their lives.

“I am from a party of sacrifice. I come from a family of sacrifice. I understand the motivation of those youth who fought for Telangana. Sonia Gandhi ji decided to form a separate Telangana so that your dreams are fulfilled. But have they been fulfilled? Did you get neelu, nidhulu and niyamakalu (water, funds and jobs)?,” she asked the enthralled crowds.

Appealing to the youth not to forget the sacrifices made to achieve the State, she said, “It is very sad if the aspirations of the sacrificed get betrayed. But choose wisely next time. Sonia understood your pain and gave the State by making political sacrifices. Her party, the Congress party, and all its leaders here, will do everything to ensure every single promise is met.”

There was a thundering response when she was earlier referred to by TPCC chief Revanth Reddy as the “nayi Indira”, referring to which, she said, “When I see the love you shower on Indira ji, who passed away forty years ago, it puts enormous responsibility on me to ensure that Congress party lives up to all your expectations.”

Declaring promises made as part of the Hyderabad Youth Declaration, she reiterated that martyrs of the first and last phase of Telangana movement will be identified, officially recognised and a government job would be given to one family member. Additionally, an honorary pension of '25,000 per month would be given to the mother, father or wife of the hero who gave up life for Telangana.

Cases filed against youth who participated in the agitation would be withdrawn and on June 2, they will be given an official government ID card as Telangana Movement fighters.

The movement which took place for lofty aspirations was grabbed by the power hungry BRS, whose leaders and their lackeys cornered all benefits. “They feel they are jagirdars of the state,” she said, adding that some 8,000 farmers had ended their lives so far in the state.

“Over 40 lakh youth are unemployed and are not getting the promised Rs 3,000 allowance,” she said.

Charging the government for failing youth, Priyanka Gandhi-Vadra said that many promises were made but not one appointment has been made. She promised that Congress would reserve 75 percent of jobs for local youth.

She bemoaned and decried that the Budget for schools and education has been falling. “You must understand that those who deny education to your children are not going to want them to have a good future.”

“I cannot make false promises from this dais as Sonia amma’s daughter. During polls, your needs are not being spoken of but appeal is being made on caste and religion. If you really want to really say ‘bye bye KCR’ and ‘bye bye Modi’, then you must be very wise. Give us a chance and throw us out if we don’t deliver,” she added.

Huge numbers of people assembled at Saroornagar stadium in Hyderabad. The Congress leader's presence and impactful maiden enthused the Congress leaders and cadre, who were asked to take her message to every village and household in the state in the coming months.

The meeting and her heartfelt words seemed to have struck a chord with the audience, as they heard the speech with rapt attention and reacted with enthusiasm to her lines.

The public, which seemed to have avoided trooping into the open stadium given the searing heat, began pouring in as TPCC president Revanth Reddy entered the stadium and occupied the dais to be greeted cheerfully by the crowds.

The meet, which tried to keep the audience engaged before the arrival of Priyanka with songs led by Gaddar and his troop, was reminded about the failures of the BRS government to deliver KG to PG education for free, and failure to fill jobs and issue notifications. They also reminded the audience of the achievements of the Congress party over the years.

As the leaders delivered their speech the public reacting to Priyanka held aloft the banners of ‘Bye Bye KCR,’ reacting to which she called on them not to be swayed by narrow agenda and stick to the ideology.


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