Assam CM and Kavita in bitter war of words

Sarma at a public meeting in Warangal in protest criticised GO No 317 on employee and teacher transfers

Update: 2022-01-09 21:12 GMT
Chief Minister of Assam Himanta Biswa Sarma the meeting at Warangal on Sunday. (DC Image)

Hyderabad: Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma and TRS MLC Kalvakuntla Kavitha were engaged in a bitter war of words over providing jobs to unemployed youth.

Sarma at a public meeting in Warangal in protest against GO No 317 on employee and teacher transfers had said that Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao had gone back on his promise to provide more than one lakh jobs. To make it worse, Rao has issued controversial orders to transfer government employees without any basic fundamentals.

In a quick response, Kavitha said that Sarma's remarks only exposed the intent of BJP to erase the glorious history of Telangana.  "Did you forget the verdict delivered by the people of Telangana in 2018, where BJP lost deposits in 107 seats," she said.Kavitha said the unemployment rate in the country had been scaling up and was at eight per cent now. “The TRS is the outcome of the struggle for people’s rights. We fought for Telangana all by ourselves. As promised, we have generated over 1.3 lakh jobs so far for our people and we continue to create avenues (for employment)," Kavitha said.

Kavitha reiterated that the initiatives of Chandrashehar Rao, like Rythu Bandhu, Kalyana Laxmi and Mission Bhagiratha were an example for the country. "If you look up these schemes, you will find some similar projects in other states. Fun fact, your party renamed these schemes of Telangana government," Kavitha said.

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