Leaders from MP join BRS in KCR's presence

Update: 2023-06-07 20:41 GMT
Anand Roy from Madhya Pradesh joins the BRS party in the presence of Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao at Pragathi Bhavan on Wednesday. (Twitter)

 Hyderabad: Days after several leaders from Maharashtra joined the BRS, a few from Madhya Pradesh too joined the party at Pragathi Bhavan on Wednesday.

A prominent social activist from Madhya Pradesh, Anand Roy, who brought to light the Vyapam scam that created a sensation in Madhya Pradesh for years, joined the party in the presence of BRS national president Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao.

Chandrasekhar Rao welcomed Anand Roy into the party by offering him a pink scarf. Anand Roy is a popular RTI and tribal rights activist. He is maintaining close relations with the people.

Prominent tribal rights organisation in MP, Jai Adivasi Yuvashakti Sangathan (JAYS) campaigning for the rights of tribals, declared its support to the BRS party. Anand Roy is a leader of this entity. Along with them, JAYS  president Lalsingh Burman, Pancham Bheel, Ashwin Dube, Gaziram Badole, Kailash Rana and others joined the BRS.

JAYS founder Vikram Achalia noted that a slew of welfare and development programmes are implemented with a humanitarian approach for the development of SC, ST, BC and minorities under Chandrashekar Rao’s leadership in the Telangana state.

Vikram Achalia said his Jai Adivasi Yuvashakti Sangathan is extending full support to the BRS for Chandrashekar Rao’s “efforts to bring qualitative change” in the country. He said that the aspirations of the poor, the backward classes, the Dalits and the Adivasis have not been fulfilled in the  75 years of independent India.

"Chief Minister Chandrashekar Rao is creating confidence across the country that he will fulfil the aspirations of the people. The BRS is growing as an alternative political platform in the country,"  Vikram said.

JAYS national president Lokesh Muzalda, woman wing incharge Seema Vaskale and Madhya Pradesh unit chief Ramdev Kakodia were present.


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