YSRC challenges TD to face court monitored probe into Naidu-Lokesh assets

Update: 2023-10-06 18:44 GMT
YSRC leader Perni Venkatramaiah. (Image Source: ysrcongress.com)

Vijayawada: YSRC leader Perni Venkatramaiah has termed the five days of the Varahi political campaign of Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan as his ‘vacation’ and recreational trip to Krishna district. “Pawan's words are not liked by Jana Sena party workers as he came to the rescue of the Telugu Desam,” the MLA said.

He said that if Naidu and Lokesh were honest, they should face a court-monitored investigation into their assets.

“Pawan through his words gave clarity over the JS party’s alliance with the TD and announced that Chandrababu was more important to him than the BJP. Why did Pawan not consult his party’s alliance partner BJP before announcing the seats the JS would contest in association with the TD” This shows that Pawan is ditching the BJP in the two Telugu states.”

Refuting the claim of Pawan about fighting against YS Rajasekhar Reddy, the former minister said PK was never active in politics during the YSR term and he was now trying to spread lies among his cadres.

The MLA asked where was Lokesh after Chandrababu's arrest. “Where is Lokesh while all the lawyers are wandering on the roads of Vijayawada? Did Lokesh go to Delhi to lobby for the release of Chandrababu from jail? Lobbying and manipulating the systems are the only things Lokesh and Naidu can do very well,” he said.

He warned Pawan. “We will not tolerate if you don’t control your tongue and talk loose against Jagan.”


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