Police detain agitating TD, JS and CPI leaders, supporters

They take out rally to protest against arrest of Naidu

Update: 2023-10-07 17:33 GMT

Vijayawada: Several Telugu Desam, Jana Sena, and CPI leaders and supporters were detained by the police when they took out a rally in protest against the arrest of TD Chief N. Chandrababu Naidu in Guntur on Saturday.

Tension mounted when TD, JS, and CPI leaders and their supporters took out a peace rally from the Lodge Centre to Himani Circle to submit a representation to the statue of Mahatma Gandhi, seeking the release of Naidu and condemning his arrest.

A large number of police personnel were deployed as no permission was given to take out the rally. However, the leaders and the supporters continued their march despite the police imposing curbs all along their route.

However, the police took several of them into custody, shifted them to the nearby police stations, and later released them.

TD leader Kanna Lakshmi Narayana was subjected to house arrest while several other leaders, including Nakka Ananbabu and others, were detained and released later.


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