Political temperature peaks in Nellore District

Update: 2023-07-07 07:48 GMT

TIRUPATI: Political temperature has peaked in Nellore district with escalation in the war of words between YSR Congress MLA P. Anil Kumar Yadav and Telugu Desam general secretary Nara Lokesh.

While Lokesh accused Anil Yadav of amassing ₹1,000 crore by grabbing lands during his tenure as irrigation minister, the former minister denied the allegations. He challenged Lokesh to provide evidence to substantiate his claims.

Lokesh alleged that Yadav acquired 50 acres of land valued ₹10 crore in Donthali in the names of his associates Chiranjeevi and Ajanta. Further, he accused Anil of illegally occupying 58 acres land worth ₹100 crore in Naidupet, ₹10 crore of land at Inamadugu Centre, 87 acres of land worth ₹33 crore in Iskcon City, 12 acres land worth ₹48 crore in Sadarapalem, four acres of land worth ₹25 crore in Brindavanam, five acres land worth ₹4 crore in Damaramadugu and ₹105 crore of land worth land in Allipuram.

However, dismissing Lokesh's claims, Anil Kumar Yadav said except 3.9 acres in Iskcon City, he has no properties as mentioned by the opposition leader in his or his associates’ name.

Addressing media at YSRC party office in Nellore on Thursday, Yadav challenged Lokesh to prove the authenticity of the allegations.


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