Use of abusive words in House irks Bhatti

Update: 2023-08-05 22:05 GMT
Deputy Chief Minister and finance minister Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka. (DC File Image)

 Hyderabad: CLP leader Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka said Assembly was unable to discuss major issues because the government had reduced the number of working days from 60 to 10. Beside, the dignity of the Legislature had been lowered with the use of foul words.

Addressing the media at the Assembly media point, Bhatti said, “Our statements that Hyderabad is facing submergence, that the ORR was sold at a low price and the gram panchayats were not receiving sufficient funds are all true. We are being abused for bringing these to light. We will meet the Assembly speaker on Sunday.”

“When we sought the merger of RTC with the government,”  Bhatti said, “KCR had labelled it a mindless proposal. But he has taken the step now owing to the elections and is trying to keep it in abeyance by finding lame excuses.”

The Speaker was not behaving in a dignified manner, said Manthani MLA D. Sridhar Babu. The people are watching the actions of the ministers and BRS MLAs. “The government is unable to answer our queries regarding failure of Mission Bhagiratha in meeting the water requirements of Gond tribals.”

Mulug MLA Danasari Seethakka said, “The government should come out with an answer on why Warangal was submerged. Those who occupied water channels are with the BRS leading to flooding. The Speaker is aiding the BRS leaders to abuse us by giving them a chance to speak repeatedly.”

In a separate press meet, senior vice-president Mallu Ravi said, “We can also bring out records of KCR speaking against Telangana when he was part of TD. Revanth Reddy is being targeted as he is posing a danger to the BRS by exposing their misdeeds. He has abided by the ideology of the party after joining the party.” He was  referring to minister K.T. Rama Rao quoting from an Assembly statement by then TD legislator Revanth Reddy at that time, and now the TPCC chief.


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