YSRC General-Secretary Questions Jana Sena\'s Leadership Role in Telugu Desam Party

Update: 2023-10-05 18:21 GMT
YSRCP general secretary Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy (Photo: Twitter)

Vijayawada: YSRC general-secretary Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy has asked whether the Jana Sena has taken over the leadership of the Telugu Desam. “TD and JS leaders must clarify on such talk,” he said.

Addressing the media here on Thursday, Reddy said, “Pawan Kalyan says the Telugu Desam Party has become weak and that it has run out of resources. TD leaders should admit that TD is weakened.”

Ramakrishna Reddy said there was no need for chief minister Jagan Reddy to call early elections. The CM’s visit to Dellhi was to push the state’s pending matters with the central government, he said.

Regarding the Krishna water tribunal dispute, he said that a study has to be done. “There will be a response from the department, the minister and the legal department soon about AP government’s stand.”

Ramakrishna Reddy suggested that Pawan Kalyan must state how many seats he will give to the TD as a “weakened party has no choice other than accepting what is given to it. The TD-JS should clarify how many seats they will contest.”

He said, “Lokesh and TD’s lawyers are trying their best to get bail for Naidu from Delhi.

Ramakrishna Reddy said the TD-supported media was careful not to highlight or publish the words of Pawan Kalyan at the Pedana public meeting that the “TD has become weak.”

“Pawan Kalyan has announced that he has come out of the NDA despite the many difficulties and hence Jana Sena's blood should be pumped into it. Looking at Pawan's words, there are three main points to be made.  Pawan said he came out of the NDA, the TD party is done, and TD will be filled with youth blood through the Jana Sena,” he said.

He demanded that the BJP should respond to the issue of JS coming out of the NDA. In Chandrababu's language, he is the CEO of TD company. So, he should answer whether Naidu agreed for the takeover of TD by Pawan.”


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