Telangana is not K Chandrasekhar Rao’s estate: Bhatti Vikramarka

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Telangana had a surplus budget when it was formed. But KCR’s decisions made it run into deficit: Bhatti Vikramarka.

Bhatti Vikramarka

Hyderabad: Telangana is not Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao’s estate to do what he wants with it and the Congress party will never allow the state to go into private hands, declared Congress Legislative Party leader Bhatti Vikramarka.

Speaking at the CLP office in the Assembly premises, Mr Mallu Bhatti pointed out that the Motor Vehicles Act does not allow any state government to completely privatise the Road Transport Corporation, but the chief minister has been misusing the laws.

He alleged that the current situation in the state looks like the CM is planning to sell the state’s properties and it shows how incapable the ruling party is to run the Corporations.

“Telangana had a surplus budget when it was formed. But KCR’s decisions made it run into deficit. Why were steps not taken to deal with the RTC when there were enough funds and why mortgage the properties now?” Mr Vikramarka questioned. He alleged that the deaths of the RTC employees were due to the Chief Minister’s anti-public decisions which would lead to objections and agitations by the opposition parties.

“The opposition parties are always ready to fight for the public cause, not like the TRS party which takes the side of the corporates. When the RTC was in profit, the state wanted to keep the corporation with it, and when it ran into losses, the state wants to disown it,” said the CLP leader.

Mr Vikramarka said that the public should be more vigilant about the chief minister’s actions, as he may hand over the state to corporate and private persons to run. He demanded that the state government hold talks with the striking RTC employees to resolve their issues.